Women With 40 Day Cycle

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Curious - January 27

Just wanted to know how many women out there have a menstraul cycle that is 40 days or longer and if they find that their cycles are often irregular because of the length and if any of them had a hard time ttc b/c of the length of their cycle?


want a baby - January 27

ya i have irregular periods and its about 32 to 35 days and its hard to pin point when i am ovulating cuz of it. i have three kids already but i want i more i am 32 yrs old and i sometimes that could be the reason also. i dont know i guess i will just keep doing what i am doing. having s_x every other day and there is nothing wrong with that!!! :)


? - January 28



BB - January 28

To Curious: Yes my periods have varied since I've gone off the pill from 42 days to 20 days! I know this is not very encouraging to you, but yes I am having a hard time conceiving. Tried 2 years now, no luck. But I don't think we won't be able to conceive, I just think it's a bit more difficult because the pattern is so disturbed, you can never go by a typical month! I envy those women who have very regular periods! Good luck hon, and NEVER give up, never!


kim - January 28

I have always had irregular periods. Mine are about 40 to 45 days now. When I was trying to conceive my second child I had no period at all. So I began to research abnormal periods and found that some women take herbal supplements to bring on their periods. I found something called New Phase it has natural plant estrogens and progetrogens in it. I took it for 3 months. Finally had a period 3 months later I conceived my now 18 mnth old son.


Becky - February 11

I was on birth control for 5 years and have now been trying to get pregnant for 8 months. I am almost 32, and my periods are totally irregular! I went from 28 days to 45 to 36 to 26, and now back to 42 days in a cycle. I am getting really upset because I am not one who can tell if I am ovulating. I took a test before this last period and it said that I was ovulating on day 8! Now how could I have ovulated on day 8 and then my period came 34 days later? Help!


Faith & Hope!!! - February 11

Hi Ladies, I am much the same a lot of irregulalarity however I bought ovulation test kits and i'm talking a months supply, although this only helps if your ireegularr between 2 and 7 days. I hope this helps, they are really very good.


Mag - February 11

My periods are irregular anywhere from 30 days to 42 days. Sometimes I ovulate up until 2 days before my af. I am not currently ttc but I am worried that when I do, I will have a hard time. The doctor doesn't seem too worried about it. He put me on the pill and that was that, but what about when I get off the pill in order to conceive? It is weird to ovulate like right up until you have af?


Sian - February 14

BECKY!!! I am so happy to have read your message!!! I have had irregular periods @ 33/41/29/47/41/32/42/54/44 day cycles & like you, find it difficult to find out when I'm ovulating. However, I noticed a change in v____al mucus & think I may have ovulated on Day 8!!! This does not make sense with when other people are telling me I should be ovulating but I think I have been testing too late each month. Let me know how it's going X


S5 - February 14

HELLO LADIES...let me tell you I have gone from having them when I was young to getting every 4 months and then it went to 6weeks to 7weeks and my last one was 59days and now currently I am on my 35 day and still no af, I am trying to conceive again and I am 34 and feel like I am ancient because we are having a heck of a time this time around. My youngest is 4 and so I haven't had to really think about the ovulating and now my last one said I ovulated on the 8 th day of my current cycle and the one before said it was on the 45th day so I am now worried maybe I am to old and I know technically 34 is not old but I am about to give up. I really am getting frustrated and when af does come , I feel like my insides are falling out and I am so heavy(bleeding) that they watch to see if I am becoming anemic because of it, so I feel your pain and I am at a loss, I was looking on the web today on premature ovualtion failure and I really am wondering if that is it. But I am happy to say I have been able to get preg, 3 mc and I also have 3 boys. So there is hope but it is so frustrating and we have been trying for a long time and we have really never had a hard time before.Just keep trying and good luck, let us know how it goes


tiffani - February 14

My cycles are all over the place. In Nov. & Dec. it was 39 days, and now in Feb.it's 21 days. My doctor just advised me to buy some stock in ovulation predictor kits. :o)


s5 - February 14

easy for him to say ... just buy stock . that was kind of rude, don't you think?


Mag - February 15

Do you find that b/c you have irregular cycles, your flow is alot heavier also?


hi - February 15

i always had long cycles and could never pin point ovulation so i did some research and found a product from a health shop called agnus castus i have been using it and now my cycles are more regular and vary from 28-30 days alot better to pin point ovulation!!! Best £7 i spent x good luck x


S5 - February 15

I find they are very heavy and go a dark dark almost blacky red( if there is such a name to call it) at first and then it goes to the brighter red, My doc told me that the dark is still old blood and the bright red is the newer stuff, and they only last for 4-5 days but the worst 4-5 days you can experience in this situation.


tiffani - February 15

s5~ No, I didn't find it rude at all. I just took the comment as it was intended, lighthearted and funny.


S5 - February 15

I am glad it was a joke.. I do know some doctors do say some pretty stupid things some times. take care



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