Wonder If I M Pregnant

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NicoleT1986 - January 26

my last mp was Nov., 30th. and havent had a full cycle since. I've been spotting on and off during these two months. is this a sign of pregnancy? will be taking a test the 31st of jan. only thing I've notice different is my br___t are bigger, have had small sharp pain from one side to another, never lasting long. my nipples itch like crazy, and their kinda ashy/peeling. dont know if that has to do with pregnancy. this will be my first time that I didnt get my period for two months. is there a chance that I may be pregnant? or can it be something more serious.


Grandpa Viv - January 26

Seems like you would have more signs to talk about if you were 8 weeks pregnant, but take a test anyway. I expect you will end up calling the doctor to find out what else might be the problem. Good luck!


angela1986 - January 26

I have to agree with grandpa viv, you had a period in nov, had spotting since then, if you didnt get a regular or full b__wn period in dec you should of test well before now. Not to mention your not mentioning any other symptoms as grandpa viv pointed out. Were you previously on bc or under unusual stress lately. Many things can cause your period to be delayed, but in order to be positive of whats going on you must test. I wouldnt wait any longer, go out tonight, buy a test and if its negative call your doc. Im 8 weeks and i tested at the beginning of the month and i got a positive my lmp was nov 30th as well, so you'll know if you are. Good luck!


NicoleT1986 - January 29

well i did mention that I have small short pain form one side to another. started to have clear mucous stuff.will test wednesday though, thanks


NicoleT1986 - January 29

no I was on bc a long long time ago.and havent been stressing out, as the matter of fact, things were good. thanks angela1986,hope it comes out positive.



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