Wondering If I Am Pregnant

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Sara - November 7

I had s_x without a condom. I am pretty sure the guy did not ejaculate inside of me. But about 3 to 4 hours later I went to the bathroom and when I wiped, there were a clear discharge with blood. What does this mean?


bingo - November 7

Hey he did ripped off , you might get pregnant best of luck ...and great 9 months.


me - November 7

Sounds like s____n to me? Good luck!


to Sara - November 7

There is no way you would be having implantation bleeding already, but it could have been mid-cycle spotting around ovulation time--o'ing is clear cm, blood can also happen with women who r o'ing, but it also could just be b/c u had s_x and it was uncomfortable? Also it depends on where u r in ur cycle? past ovulation? before ovulation? around ovulation? if u r past ovulation and had intercourse around ovulation time--implantation bleeding could be the sign, but only if ur past ovulation-i.b. starts around 7-10 dpo (days past ovulation). Hopefully this helps.


Dawn - November 7

sara... do you want to get pregnant? or contract herpes? or get HIV? I promise that if a guy will sleep with you unprotected he has probably been with many different women and pregnancy shouldn't be your only concern. respect yourself!!! don't be another s___tty statistic - seriously and pregnancy DOES NOT show up with in hours - it shows up within weeks or months... to answer your question what it probably means is that "the guy" ripped some tissue inside you causing a small tear and from that the blood... the discharge is probably "the guy's" left over s____n and sara - I would be a little more cautious next time you allow someone to deposit their bodily fluid inside of you... it would be smart to wait for your husband.


Rachel - November 8

Sara, is/was it time for your period? That can cause that. If not, it could be that something got torn, an infection/std, or something unknown.



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