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alicia_07 - January 18

I am an 18 yr old Senior in High School. I am 4weeks pregnant. I am graduating this year and i am happy. I was wondering should i feel stupid for doing this it was not supposed to happen this way and it was with my ex-boyfriend and i told him i only wanted to be friend. I also have another question is there any way i can get prenatal vitamins with out my mom knowing. Thanx a bunch..Alicia


MammaJL - January 18

you can buy prenatal vitamins at a drug store or at like wal-mart


MrsShelton217 - January 18

Also, a lot of women have a heart time taking prenatals... prenatals are always best, butif they make u sick, trying taking flintstones for a little while until you get over the morning sickness period. Nothing like taking vitamins that make u feel worse.


krissy2006 - January 18

Are you stupid for doing what? Keeping the baby? wanting the baby? Not quite sure of your question. It is definitely a personal preference. You are 18, an adult and should be responsible for your own actions/choices. If you make the choice to keep the baby than as long as you are aware of the resonsibility and the work you are going to have to put into it, no I wouldn't say you are stupid. I commend you for graduating high school also!


lissica - January 18

She's going to find out anyways...have you made a Dr.Appt yet?You will need to do this soon.


DaBonkElsMe - January 18

Tell your mom - you're going to need help.


BrendaW - January 18

Have you told the father yet? If you dont feel comfortable going to your mom, maybe an aunt or older sibling? Dont feel stupid, it happened and you cant change it. Just do your best and make a good life for you and your baby and love it with all your heart! Lissica is right your mom is going to have to find out some time, she may be upset at first but after it sinks in then it will be better. Definitely get into the doc as soon as you can. If you dont have insurance there should be some local programs you can get into too. If you are in the us try getting medi-cal there is also WIC to help. Best of luck to you.



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