Worried Help Me Pls

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anonomous1 - June 12

This past thursday around 7:00am my period started (it was late might I add), however it was very irregular. On my regular periods the first two days are heavy, the third day it slows down, and then it stops on day four or five. This first day was much lighter than normal but to heavy to call it spotting. My cramps were lighter than normal but were replace by strong, one-sided pain and also nausea. Everything (pain, nausea and bleeding) stopped around noon. However the bleeding came back around 8:00pm. The second day I still had bleeding, in the same way as the first, it was lighter than my normal second day, but still a little too heavy to call it spotting. My cramps stopped, however the one sided pain continued but not as strong (sort of as if I had taken medicine, but i didnt). This all stopped around 3:00pm. From then til now (im on day five now) Ive had a lil spotting (when I say spotting I mean a couple drops here and there, very very light, not very red in color) here and there and can still feel a little bit of one sided irritation. I also have been feeling a little bit more tired lately, but that could just be from my sleeping habits. I have taken pregnancy tests, but so far they have come up negative. I have been told that it might be a little too early to show one the tests. However, I still a little worried. Some advice and opinions would be really helpful right now. Thanks.


jldaniels - June 12

Anonomous, I'm not an expert so you might want to see a doctor but you could have had a chemical pregnancy (when the egg is fertilized but does not implant) which would cause you to have a late abnormal period and a negative test. The one sided pain has me concerned because of tubal pregnancies but they usually show up as positive on pg tests. If your already late on your perod you should be showing a positive on pg test if you are pregnant. I would talk to your doctor if I were you though.


Danielle26 - June 12

I agree on seeing the doctor. My mother had an ectopic pregnancy that erupted her tube, and she never tested positive. Good luck.



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