Worried Need Advice From Women Who Have Been Pregnant

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dennie21 - December 24

I just found out that I am pregnant yesterday. I am worried though because I have been having cramps on and off which aren't that bad and aren't accompanied with bleeding but still..... this has been going on for almost two weeks now. More than that, I am worried because I get this little pinching feeling in my lower right ab and it just doesn't feel right. It doesn't hurt bad or anything but is definitely there. Is this not normal?


krissy2006 - December 24

Hey Dennie, FIRST CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!!!SECOND, I'm sorry you are feeling poorly, but there IS good news! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and since ovulation I have felt twinges, aches, pains and like you said AF cramps. To this day I still go to the bathroom and look at the toilet paper to see if I'm bleeding. However, in pregnancy and especially in the first tri (even early on) your body is preparing to accomodate the baby that is growing inside of you, so aside from your uterus stretching, your pelvis and hip bones will readjust, your cervix will elongate, your round ligaments will stretch and your stomach and back muscles will relax along with your intestines (which cause constipation). All of this is 99% probably what you are experiencing. The only time aching/cramping/ pinching is not normal is when it doubles you over, lasts more than a few hours at a time without dulling or going away and or you are bleeding. I would say from here on out you are about to feel the most interesting, enlightening and at times quite uncomfortable journey you will ever be on in your life. So enjoy it, and try not to worry too much. Just remember, call the doc if you are bleeding or are in pain that is less than tolerable. GL to you and happy and healthy nine months!!!


krissy2006 - December 24

BTW I forgot to mention that despite my aches and pains and cramps and pinches and stabbing sensations I get frequently, my baby is super healthy and actually measuring ahead of how far along I am, so I really don't think you have anything to worry about. :)


b__terfly kisses - December 24

Hi dennie... I agree with krissy! It is very normal. You are probably also feeling some weird twinges if you move funny, cough, and sneeze too. You may even have to support the area with your hand when you do cough/sneeze... but yep, very normal! :o)


dennie21 - December 24

Thank you krissy and b___terfly. I feel much better now. :)


Tasha - December 24

When I was pregnant with my son 2 years ago, I had that same feeling, actually my son was a surprise so around 5 -6 weeks pregnant I got pains, which I thought was my period coming...nope I was pregnant, so yes it is very very normal. They went away for me around 7 weeks. Congratulations!! It is a very exciting time!


sarah21 - December 27

Congrats on the positive! Unfortunately the aches and pains are normal. They keep changing and morphing and making you worry but you are totally normal. Things will probably be just fine.


aabbott - December 28

totally normal!! I had cramps too but also had this dull throbbing pain in my lower left pelvic region. It persisted so I got checked out for an ectopic pregnancy. Turns out it was what they call a corpus luteum cyst which every pregnant woman has . It produces hormones to maintain the pregnancy . Most women don't know that they have this but mine lasted until 16-17 weeks. Hope this helps



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