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WondersAndWorries - September 28

Hello all, well i am just wondering a couple of things. Right now, i am going through what i call a " preg alert" I believe that i could be pregnant and i was just wanting for someone to answer a couple of my quick questions. Hopefuly i get enough answers. First is, In early pregnancys, is their some type of bleeding that occurs? When does your belly start to become hard?( i am not saying your hole belly, but down below under your belly botton? Also, i would like to know, when do you start to feel the baby insdie of you?( not the kicking but just that over all feeling of knowing that you are preg and knowing that you have a living baby, your baby, inside of you. These are a couple questions that i hope will get answers too. Thankx to all


wondersandworries - September 28

OH yes, i forogt another question that i need an answer too. Um, when you are truly pregnant, does your pee start to have a smell, or turn colors by any chanch? Sory for all the questions... but these questions have been on my mind for quite some time now


hi - September 28

the bleeding that CAN occur is called implantation bleeding or spotting.i say can because doctors say it is not so commonly reported.i myself did have it.as far as that type of bleeding/spotting goes it can vary from woman to woman.some report pink and brown,some red/brown.some say light flow for a day,some say for days.the only time my lower stomach got hard is when it filled with baby and for me that was around 4 months or 16weeks pregnant.now as for baby movements they can be felt around 4 months on into the pregnancy.women who have been pregnant before tend to notice the flutters earlier the second time around.hope this helps some :)


hi - September 28

you posted that before i sent mine in,lol.mine did not turn colors ,but on more than one occasion it had a strong smell.usually for me it represented a kidney infection.i was blessed with several during pregnancy.good luck :)



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