Worried Ectopic Please Answer

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Worrywort - December 20

I am nearly 6 weeks late - had alot of neg tests now getting a severe pain in my left side - does anyone know where the pain would be if you have an ectopic pregnancy - would it be as high up as your belly button?? and the over to the side??


bump - December 20



kat - December 20

i also think i could be pregnant but had neg test too,ive been getting cramps and pain,more so in the left side the last few days,i was abit worried about ectopic too,but from what ive read on here it is normal in pregnancy as long as it isnt constant,too bad or any bleeding,but if you say its severe then you should get it checked out at the doctors,and ask for a blood test to see if that shows pos.good luck!


kim - December 20

Hello.. They say cramping is normal if pregnant. When the pain favors one side they worry that it may be eptopic. Usually the pain will get worse. I would go to the doc it could truly be anything. Maybe something that has nothing to do with pregnancy. Hope you are feeling better.


t - December 20

some other signs of an ectopic is clamminess of the skin, nausea, pain in the left arm...if it gets worse at all go to the emergency room ASAP.


Grandpa Viv - December 20

I know I have read that ectopic usually shows up around 8 - 10 weeks. You are now 8 weeks the way the docs count it. Also, one of the signs of ectopic is a failure for hCG to rise normally, which is one of the valid uses for quant_tative blood tests.


Sabrina - December 20

Ectopics will have pain on left side usuually an very low (alomost near pubic bone). You need a blood test to confirm pregnancy. If the HCG is out of whack, then an ultrasound to tell you what's going on.


me - December 21

that could be your apendix


t - December 21

Actually, the appendix is the lower right side. I had it removed when I was 25.


Nick - December 21

Is the pain on the left lower side constant or occasional?



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