Worried That If I M Pregnant I Hurt My Baby

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~ - October 13

Hi, I had very light bleeding last week that lasted for 2 days. It came about 5 days before I expected my af. Now af is past due. I don't remember what it looked like though. I thought it was a period until I noticed the flow didn't increase and it did not last for my normal 5 days. I took about 3 large doses of Advil during the two days I bled because I started cramping and I was afraid that it would get worse like it normally does. I don't really have any symptoms of pregnancy right now only my stomach feels kind of tender and maybe about twice a day I notice a few cramps. My stomach and the lower part of my back has also been achy for the past 2 days. Sort of the feeling you have when you have gas mixed with some very mild sharp pains only a little different (hard to describe). This has been lasting all day long. Also, I have been having sensations and sharp pains in my br___t sort of like you do when af is coming and I have been feeling more tired today and took a nap. It is possible that I could be pregnant due to unprotected s_x a few times last month (even around my fertile time). I am worried that if I am pregnant that all the advil I took could have hurt my baby. Does it sound like I could be pregnant? If so, do you think the advil will hurt the baby. I took a hpt yesterday morning and it was negative, but it could be too early. What do you ladies think?


Mica - October 14

Sounds like you could be. . . and probably eveerything would be fine. Just treat yourself as pregnant until you know for sure. best to you!


naturechild to ~ - October 14

Until you get a positive preg. test, I wouldn't worry too much. After that, yes definately be careful about what you put in your body. The one thing I have learned after 5 children and hoping for #6, is that babies, before birth and after, are amazingly resilent. Before I knew I was pregnant with my first (at 19 and party mode) I was a wild child. I smoked through the pregnany and even got into a bad car accident (believe it or not, a cop hit us trying to pull out to get a speeding car in front of us). My daughter came through the pregnancy fine and was born healthy. She is now 15 and a straight A honor's student. She is beautiful and healthy and as a teenager, sometimes a real pain in the b___t! Relax, if you are pregnant - which i hope for you!!!! - have a little faith that things will be ok. I truly believe that the VERY worse thing for a pregnancy and a pregnant woman is STRESS... so take care of yourself and good luck!


Mica - October 14

Have you taken another test?


amy - October 14

I wouldn't worry about it because the baby isn't connected to your blood line in the very begining.. I'm not sure when it is but I'm sure you are ok.. I would take a test it sounds very promising that you are pregnant.. Good luck to you, I'm waiting to find out if I am...



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