Worried Viv Please Help

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brad - October 19

I had s_x with a girl on the 2nd day of her period. I used condom with spermicide. Should i be worried about pregnancy even if some sperm somehow did leak out?


Viv - October 19

That's about as safe as you can get. To have any chance of pregnancy, she would have had to ovulate by Day7 of her cycle instead of Day14. We're talking of a 1 in 100 chance if you had used no condom, considerably less since you did. I don't think the spermicide on the condom is much to count on. If you want that kind of security, have her use foam too.


brad - October 20

last month she started her period on the 16th well its now the 20th and still hasnt . Do you think I should be worried or is stress or something causing her to be late?


Viv - October 20

Relax. She must be stressing. If she were pregnant she would be complaining about at least some early pregnancy symptoms since a week ago.


brad - October 21

What are some symptoms she would be getting?


Brad - October 21

how long can stress put off a period because her cousin was in a wreck and has been verry stressed over that and hes in bad shape. But now shes around a week late should i start to be worried?


Viv - October 21

She could skip a month altogether. No egg at ovulation time - no period. Symptoms of pregnancy are in some ways similar to PMS but start a week earlier - frequent complaints are very tired, peeing more, unusual changes to b___bs and nipples, sensitivity to smells and tastes, emotional, ga__sy, hungry, nauseous, acid reflux, headache, backache - take your pick.


brad - October 22

ok viv im sry to keep bothering you about this. She is now a week late and usually has her period around the game time so its pretty regular. Last month it was the 16th . Do you think i should just not worry about it because of the timing we did it. Or should I still be worried. I think now she is really starting to stress out over it and they may cause something but I am wondering.


?? - October 22



Viv - October 23

Brad, have you had her take a home pregnancy test yet? One week late it should show positive if she is. $7.95


brad - October 23

So you think theres a possibilty she could be?


Viv - October 23

No, I don't think there is a possibility, but taking a test will cause you to quit obsessing about it.


brad - October 23

Thank you for the help when she starts or gets her results back i will let you know untill then i will try to stop freaking out over it .



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