Would A Progesterone Test Identify A PG

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kdlovesrd - January 24

I had my progesterone levels checked this morning after receiving a (-) blood test yesterday evening and I'm wondering if I am in fact PG (say yesterday I implanted since I had 1 drop of blood when I wiped at the wee hours of the morning)? My temps are still on the rise and I have no indications of anything coming or going, which is really weird for me. Would a cyst cause an increase in progesterone too? home / kdlovesrd


kdlovesrd - January 24



Megs - January 24

Hey. I tried to write a post to you earlier but the site kept saying it was a duplicate.. argh! Anyways. Your chart has me baffled... Really. I know that your progesterone levels go up in pregnancy so it could be an indicator but I don't think it is a dead give away.. If that makes sense. I don't know how much a cyst can affect your cycles and hormones and such. What did your progesterone levels come back at? Did they give you a number for your beta test or just yes/no? Did you show your Dr/RE your chart? Any thoughts on it? What about going for an u/s to see if there is a cyst or a gestational sac?? I've still got everything crossed for ya!!!!


kdlovesrd - January 24

hey Megs, I don't know the outcome of all the bloodwork yet. I'm hoping I'll know tomorrow! With the Beta, they called & said "negative" and so I called back this morning to find out what that meant & what my # was and the girl said "2". Now the Fertility Doc said yesterday at our meeting that if it was <2 it was negative & if it was >2 it was positive but he didn't say ANYTHING about what it was if the number WAS *2*. I'm so confused! I showed him my charts and he said they looked great and then now this? I told the clinical a__sistant that my temps are still increasing & she said she'll talk to the Doc and call me back. Still waiting on that call and its almost 4:00p here.


julie2007 - January 24

hi kathy - i think at 21 dpo (right??) you'd have a higher beta hcg than 2 if you are pregnant. i have never heard of 2 being considered pregnant - infact over the course of all of my miscarriages, my doc's have always said anything under 5 is a negative. but i have to say i am baffled by why you aren't having a period if you indeed aren't prego. could you be that far off in dating that you are maybe only 14 dpo and not 21? --- either way - i'd ask the doc if they want you to do a repeat beta tomorrow to see if it is increasing? IF it isn't ask for a progesterone supplement to start AF - so you can get going on the next cycle. -- are you having any u/s or medications (clomid/ femera etc) given to you by the RE? --- good luck hun - and i am hoping it goes up tomorrow and you are just way off on dates. -- i'll ck back on you!


jezebel1018 - January 24

anything under a 5 is negative


kdlovesrd - January 25

Hi Julie- I'm still waiting on all of my bloodwork results and once they call me with it, I'm going to ask for another beta test before I start the Provera prescription they called in for me. I had what I'll call "implantation spotting" 2 days ago (since I haven't anything since) so the beta would be (-) right if I had spotting on the same day as the test?


julie2007 - January 25

hi kath - i'd think that yes a beta would be negative based on implantation spotting being the same day - - -- -- -- BUT you have to ask then - at TWENTY-ONE days past ovulation - why is it taking that long to implant??? implantation usually occurs within 6 - 10 dpo---- not 21. i'd definitely see about following up with another beta before the weekend is here (in a few hours) so you can have results for the weekend --- and thus if it is negative - start the provera prescription they already gave you and get the next cycle on the road -- hopefully that will be the one - if this one isn't. will ck back in on you -- i am routing for you!


kimberly - January 25

Sorry to but in on your thread but progestrogen rises right before af so it wouldn't indicate pregnancy at all. Hope you are though!!


kdlovesrd - January 26

Julie -- The doc said my progesterone level was 3.2 indicating I did in fact ovulate but he says I could've ovulated anywhere from CD16 to CD35. He mentioned I should "change my chart" to the latest date and when I get to my LP on that, to test again with a urine test. If it's negative, he suggested doing Provera to induce menstruation so I can get my HSG done. Have you had one of those performed?


julie2007 - January 26

i had the hystosonogram, and got pregnant that month!!! maybe the hsg will do the same for you. . . i think at this point 3.2 would indicate you did likely ovulate - but are not pregnant. so on to the hsg and a BFP~! i hope that is all it takes and you get that miracle you are waiting for!!! good luck


javidsgirl - January 27

kdlovesrd hang in there sweetie when i got pg with my dd i actualy o"ed on the day my period was due so i found out i was preg when i was over 2 weeks late from when my af was due how they know i o"ed on the due day of af was a progesterone test my doc at the time did several a month because i would have false temp spikes becuase of pcos so anyways best of luck i cant wait to her something good come out of this like a confirmation of a baby on the way would be awsome


Missy - January 27

Kathy - I've heard anything under a 5 for progesterone indicates NO ovulation or not a "good" ovulation. As far as progesterone indicating pregnancy - well, it's not a fool-proof method but I will say the three times I've had mine tested its been at 26 (BFN) 20.6 (BFN) and 36 (BFP). Those were medicated cycles on Clomid. I am not sure why your Dr would say 3.2 is indicative of ovulation....bu tthen again my understanding of progesterone levels and their relationship with ovulation are all based on the traditional 7dpo progesterone test, not 21 (or 14) dpo.....I hope that your nice steady rise in temps will bring you a BFP! Lots of baby dust your way!!!


kdlovesrd - January 28

I started my cycle yesterday so I guess my RE was right in deducing that I did ovulate. Now I've got to find out when I'm supposed to get this HSG performed!



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