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Lyn ( from australia) - January 17

hi all.....last month i was in here coz i really thought i was pregnant. but on 24th of dec i got my period big downer for christmas :-( anyway my and my bf worked out a around about date on when i thought i should be ovulating and for that whole week every second day we "tryed". my period is due on friday the 21st of jan ...ok here are my questions i dont know much about this if someone could tell me plz but does every woman get implantion bleeding or what ever its called ive had 2 kids b4 i from what i can remember i never got it hmmmm???? and my other thing is this month i havent been watching everything my body has been doin coz i got myself so worked up last month i dont think i could handle another neg this month. but the only things i have nothiced that may be signs are ....im more hungry then normal ......im peeing a little more then normal but when i got to go, i got to go my bladder seems weaker im alot more tired then normal ive had a few arvo sleeps during the day coz of being too tired and couldnt stay awake .......which is not like me coz im used to having to stay awake all day coz i have a 4 and 6 yr boy and girl and they keep me on my toes........all of these smptoms have only been happeing in the last 7- 10 days...............any way ill go now and wait for ur thoughts........ thanx for reading good luck to all of u (hugz to all)


Lyn ( from australia) - January 17

i forgot to add that one of my smptoms in the last week also have been feeling dizzy alot it comes and gose but at least once a day i feel dizzy


Lyn (from australia) - January 17

any one ?????


citrouille - January 17

Hi Lyn, I'm ttc after a miscarriage in November. The "first pregnancy" I didn't get any implantation bleeding so don't worry if you didn't either! Dizziness is definetly a sign as well as tiredness! I knew there was something different because I was falling asleep in the evenings whereas I'm usually a nighthawk. By the way i'm also expecting my period on the 21st but hoping for a BFP! my b___bs hurt and i'm tired but I'm not getting my hopes up.. When do you plan on testing? hugz to you, I know how horrible waiting and not knowing is!!! I'm with you on this :)


Lyn (from australia) - January 17

hello citrouille, thanx for ur reply im just like u im a night owl too ........whats BFP? im still trying to work out all these little sayings. im not sure when i plan to test i thought i would just wait to see what happens but knowing me i will most likely test on the weekend if it hasnt come by then i hate not know but on the other hand i dont want to get upset to much if im not. tonight also i have noticed that my b___bs are sore but they r sore in a different way i normaly sore b___bs b4 i get my period but 2night they are sore but aswell as being sore its like they have little pains in them but i only noticed it after i took my bra off .....hmmmm??? i also have headache which is making me more tired ......... do u have messenger at all i would like to keep intouch with u outside of this forum if u r interested ???? i have yahoo and msn my yahoo i.d is happy_4_me_81 and msn is [email protected] so plz add me so we can keep track and maybe test together (hugz)


baby blue - January 17

BFP means Big Fat Positive! i had to ask that same question a few months back. Sorry, I can't really help your main question cos the symptoms are pregnancy symptoms but are also symptoms for several other things too. Mainly stress which if you are a mother of two and worrying about whether you are or aren't pregnant, is a fairly realistic explanation for how you are feeling. i just don't want to build your hopes up in case you get disappointed this month cos, man, i know how that feels! Good luck babes xxxx


J - January 17

Hi lyn, I am also due on the 21st (I think). My cycle is so screwed up at the moment after coming of the Pill in October. Had a normal bleed in November but December I had 1 day of light spotting red blood, took a test in January but it was negative. Now this month I have had some spotting on Friday 14th but only once when I wiped. I hope this is implantation bleeding. I must admit I am very tired recently and can bearly keep my eyes open on an evening, I usually fall asleep on the sofa each night. I have now started to get pains in my lower abdomen since Sunday. I think I will probably test at the weekend if nothing arrives. Heres to hoping. Fingers cross for us all.


Lyn (from australia) - January 19

hello again well i have new symptoms i have those bump things starting around my nipples my b___bs are really swollen and very sore my nipple are really hurting too kind of like a tingleing/burning senstaion plus i worked my dates out wrong for af its due 2morrow (20th jan) too im testing in the morning i hate waiting i cant resist ill let you all know fingers crossed


Lyn (from australia) - January 20

i did a test this morning and it was BFN :-( AF was due 2day but hasnt come yet......no signs of it comming either ............grrrrr...........


Michelle W - January 21

Lyn, I have to say that your symptoms look really promising to me. I have read so many times on this site that people had BFN and they have been false negatives. I would wait a few days and test again if you af hasn't arrived.. Best of luck. Baby dust to you and everybody else. Keep us updated.


Lyn (from ausralia) - January 21

i will keep u all up to date thanx


Lyn (from ausralia) - January 21

well yesturday(21st) for about 6 hrs i had spotting but only when i wiped but it stopped b4 i went to bed and 2day when i woke up the bleeding was back again but its not like my AF yesturday it was a bright red colour and today its like a bright red / meduim red colour .........................


Lyn (from australia) - January 21

AHHHHHH i dont get it!!!!! the bleeding is stopping again. never in the last 15yrs i have had my periods has it ever done this anyone got any ideas????plz tall me ....im confused and frustrated


Wanda - January 22

Hi Lyn, you're so blessed to have two children. I know, it's hard not to get worked up - I've been trying for #2 for 4 months and for this month, I have no expectations. One can actually make their body do out of the ordinary things if they are stressed. I have tried to learn to calm down and just see if AF comes, if it's late, then I will wait a week before doing the PT. I also keep track of my BBT and note any possible symptoms so I can compare from the prior months. Good luck.


bump - January 22



J - January 22

Hi everyone, just thought I would keep you all updated. Still no af. Did a test early this morning but was negative so when back to bed, got up half an hour later and there is a faint positive in the window. Now the instructions on the test do say to ignore any results after 10 minutes, so I think I will leave it a couple more day and try another test. Anyone else had this happen to them and turned out to be pg. Good luck to everyone whos ttc.


sharon - January 22

in answer to the false posistive hun,me too lots of pain,no period and a very real feeling of being pregnant not feeling very good,but i dont know what to do about it!cant get into see the doctor till march and i could have lost it by then!!



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