Would Really Love An Answer About Basal Temps Anyone

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chelss - April 11

So, I have heard that your temperature drops around the time AF comes, but if you are pregnant it does not. Is this true? I have been nausaus for the last 3 days, headaches, occasional itchy br___ts, a bit of a runny nose (but that could be due to the spring), My temps have been running around 98.1 for about 4 days, then the past 2 days have been 97.8/9. Does this mean I am not pregnant? I also had cramps and other PMS symptoms 3 days ago, but nothing has come....


Jules - April 11

Hi Chelss - it is generally a good sign that af will come when our temp drops. Each person is different, though. You didn't say when af was actually due? Do you know? With me, every time my BBT has dropped in the morning (and it's usually always on time) my af will arrive that day. It's usually a significant drop in temp though. Here's wishing you loads of Bby Dust ##### When is af due?


stacey - April 11

My temp drops the day af is due as well. However, I have some people have temp drops before, some even after. The thing is, a temp drop doesn't necessarily mean af- only if it drops below your cover line which you need to be charting fully to get (usually around temps right before ovulation occured.)


Chelss - April 11

Nothing is simple in this process. I think it was due yesterday, but wouldn't be surprised if it came as late as thursday. BUT I had all the regular symptoms for it on Friday, so it is all very confusing. It didn't drop as low as before ov, but still a good .3 less than it has been....Just don't know if that means I am def not. I have been so nausaus it is hard to believe I am not....


Grandpa Viv - April 11

You need the right kind of thermometer and the dedication to take your temp before stirring in the morning before relying on this. Your runny nose can be a sign. You probably need to take a test next weekend. Good luck!



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