Would This Cause Pregnancy Please Reply

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Maeven - January 16

I know this will make me sound so naive but my partner and I have been using the withdrawal method for a l-o-n-g time with no pregnancy scares. I was on the pill but came off it 6mths ago as advised by doctor due to other health matters. However, the last time we had s_x he came (withdrawal as always) but within 5 minutes was ready to go again. We had s_x again but he did not climax (of course). What is the likelihood of pregnancy? he had rough dried himself with a towel but I'm sure he can't have cleaned it all off surely! Anyway, if I am it will be a surprise but a good one, if not that's okay too. I am 25 he is 28. Please give me your opinions on this, I'd appreciate some non biased chat. Cheers xxx


you should know better - January 16

use protection !!!!!


johanna - January 16

there is always a chance of pregnancy, raven, but it really depends on what time of the month you were having intercourse. if it was within days of ovulation (mid month, 14 days before the onset of your next menstruation), there is chance of pregnancy. if it was any other time, you wouldn't have been fertile. so: check your calendar, and that should help you answer your question. i hope it turns out the way you want it to. :)


Maeven - January 16

Thanks Johanna, I'll need to check that one. I have been in my relationship long enough that we know we are going to marry in a few years. we have both been checked for STDs and this method is one we have both agreed on after a lot of discussion. i am old enough to 'know better' as the 1st poster says, I just want it to be clear I have not done it on a whim. we have been using this method a very long time, before I was on the pill and after. I would be more than happy if I find I am pregnant and my partner feels the same way. I am lucky for that, I will keep you posted. And I'm not being mean to the first poster, I know where you're coming from. thanks again Johanna xxx


johanna - January 16

hi again, maeven: every couple can responsibly decide what form of protection (or not) to use. my husband and i, after i went off the pill, did the same. now we've been trying for 3 months to conceive, and it is easier said than done. even with actively trying and figuring out when i ovulated, etc., we've had no success yet. ah well, it will happen sooner or later. take care and let me know what happens.


sheila - January 17

oooh Maeven! this is spooky cos I'm in almost exactly the same situation. I can't test for a few weeks and it is drivig me crazy. i'm worse though cos the guy has only been dating me a couple of weeks. Ooh er... good luck and BABY DUST!!!! xx xxxx xx


citrouille - January 17

I agree 100% with Johanna! We go on stressing for years about birth control, thinking that we'll get prego at the drop of a hat, and then when your actually trying to get preg, you realize that it isn't so easy! Chances are that you're not pregnant Maeven but if you decided on this method then i'm sure that you would be happy if you were. good luck!


Emma - January 17

It's hard to say without knowing your cycle honey. You are old enough to make up your own mind regaring birth control methods and also old enough to be responsible as a parent should you fall pregnant. Are you hoping for a positive? Have you told your boyfriend? Best of luck either way sweetheart xxx


babyphobic - January 17

i'm looking for info bout pull out pregnancy possibilities where would i find that? god if i'm pregnant it will be one big huge shock! good luck all you girls :-)


johanna - January 17

hi citrouille - how long have you been trying? so frustrating - we're going on 4 months now, which, i gather, isn't even so long. but the rollercoaster is so frustrating! i'm thinking about buying a natural fertility book and reading a bit more. and just relaxing, if i can. i also thought i'd try out that pre-seed lubricant stuff... i've head good things about it. ;) good luck to you all! maeven, let us know if you take a test? all the best!


hello - January 17

hello and good luck


citrouille - January 18

Johanna- I haven't been trying long, in fact I got preg the first month we tried but then had a m/c at 6 weeks. We're ttc again after letting my cycle get back to normal; I may actually be preg now.. I hope so! 4 months isn't that long but of course it is frustrating! Try to enjoy and relax your time will come! keep me posted hugz


Maeven - January 22

Hi ladies, sorry not been online I don't have internet access at home but I'm stayin at my Mum's tonight so I thought I'd pay you all a visit. Well, my period arrived bright and early this mornning- 3 days late mind you! I feel daft cos now I can't help feeling kinda upset cos it's arrived. I'd subconcsiously prepared myself for no period so you can imagine my disappointment this morning! Ah well, c'est la vie eh? And to make me feel even more miffed this has to be one of the most painful periods I've experienced in a very long while. oouucchh, I should really go to bed it's like 2am here but cramp is cruelly torturing me. Boo hoo hoo :( Anyway, thank you again for all your advice, concern and support, it's really cheered me up to have some impartial people to talk to. I cannot say enough how much I value each and every person who took the time to read my post and especially those who hae replid. Thank you thank you thank you and now... I want a baby!!!! He he, big huge warm cuddles, Maeven xxxx


B'Lana - January 22

Maeven, welcome to my world :) We did the same thing... I thought I wouldn't get pg b/c I was only 5-6 days before my period, i thought the egg would already die or something.... ooops... Anyway, just told my husband about our potential situation... I think he took it rather well, though mentioned that he does not want his children to be raise by my mother :) Best to all!



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