Would This Even Be Possible

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marilyn - January 24

Would there be any way at all to be 8 months pregnant and not know it? My cousin thinks she is pregnant, but im telling her its all in her head..she never had s_x (apparently just fooled around but shes paranoid!)..plus ,s she hasn t even seen this guy in 7 or 8 months --so she wont listen to me because she said i dont have any pregnancy experience--but i found this board today so figured i would let her read your responses..thanks for helping me get this out of her head!


L - January 24

Wow! She really believes that she is pregnant? What does she think is going to happen when the baby is 'due'? That would be pretty amazing for her to be pregnant without having been 'penetrated' - if you know what I mean. Did she say if her bf's s____n came into contact with her v____a in some 'other way'? Then, that'd be possible....but not as possible as having actual 's_x'. Has she even taken a pregnancy test? She needs to go to the doctor if she her uterus is actually growing, and/or she has any or many of the cla__sic pg symptoms. Please tell her to go to the doctor. She needs to get this denied or confirmed by a Professional.


kim j - January 24

I agree with L.... GO TO THE DOCTOR!


marilyn - January 24

thanks for your responses guys--she did go to the gyno about ...i would guess 2 months ago--she had an internal exam and the gyno did a preg. test..it was neg (the dr even told her theres no way she was preg. if the test said no, and the dr did an internal and said everything was normal--this would have been 5-6 months) i honestly think she is just paranoid bc she doesnt want to be pregnant since she is not with this guy...she has no really big symptoms...she told me she has a normal period every month..shes just paranoid..thanks everyone


tonya - January 24

i think by now....after going to the doctor...she would know if she were pregnant


marilyn - January 24

thanks tonya--im having her read this to see shes being ridiculous!


B'Lana - January 25

marilyn, she might need to go to a counslor... Is she in HS still? sounds like she is young and desperate for a baby, though she saying that she doesn't want one so you and others don't think she's crazy or something... She might be desperate for love and family, or attention... I know several people in school who did the same thing and then made a baby still in school so they can have one... If I would be you, I would sit down with her and talk about it. On the other hand, if she is older, she might just want a baby because she's ready still covering by "I don't want baby" so you accept her better... 8 months of denial should be raising flag by now... Best of luck and take care of her! She might just need extra attention!



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