Wouldn T A BFP Be Wonderful For Mother S Day

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mtnlass - May 4

I just realized that I will be 14 dpo on Mother's Day which will also be my birthday! Wouldn't it be wonderful to get a BFP! Of course I'm trying not to get my hopes up. After 16 months and 13 cycles it makes for a heavy heart so I'm trying to stay positive. Cheri did predict I'd conceive in April so I'm hoping she was right. Baby dust to all you!


canadagirl - May 4

HI mtnla__s, Nice to see you, I see that the other thread was dead. How are you doing. Yeah it will be nice to get a Bfp just anytime for that matter. today is cd27 of irregular cycles for me lately, and I am not charting or anything so I have no idea what is going on. Hopefully we have good news soon.


SaraLynn - May 4

That would be wonderful, La__s! I'm waiting until the 7th to test. I'm hoping for a bfp, then I can go tell my mom Happy Mother's Day! and not buy her anything (j/k!) I do want to break it to her on Mother's Day, though. Good Luck!


mtnla__s - May 4

Canadagirl it's nice to see you too. Aren't you b___stfeeding? That might make it hard for you to have regular periods. I hope you get regular soon. I know how hard it is when your periods are out of wack. Sarahlynn I hope you get your BFP! Baby dust!


canadagirl - May 4

yeah mtnla__s, I am b___stfeeding , and to besides I had fertility problems before i had my toddler, so it seems like it is gonna be a hard long road


Lala - May 4

If you're b___stfeeding, chances are you don't ovulate (and if you do it's only randomly occasionally). No ovulation = no conception. Best to you, though, you never know!!


Steff - May 4

Hey mntla__s! I was wondering about you. I was hoping that you would have conceived while in Germany. I wish you tons of luck and baby dust this cycle. I really hope you get your Mother's Day BFP. To all of the other ladies: Good luck to you also. Bring on those January bundles of Joy!!! :)


mtnla__s - May 5

I had a dream last night that I got a BFP at 6 dpo. I am 5 dpo right now. What was weird is that I took a strip test as if I was taking my temp. Orally!! And it was a very strong positive right away. I ordered some pg test online yesterday so I'm hoping they'll be here tomorrow cause I'm going to test for the fun of it. Please let dreams come true! Baby dust!!



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