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Lanie - March 2

Hey all. i hate to ask because everytime I ask a question regarding a possible pregnancy, I always end up with my period soon after! But gah what the heck right? Ok is CD31 with a typical cycle length of 28 days. last month was a 29 day cycle however, not sure what happened there, but regardless it still started very early that morning, so I guess I am about 2 days late. About a week ago I had some af like cramps for two days, but only on the side I O'ed on (my right side). Now for the past two days I have had on and off cramping, but only in the very middle, not on either side, and sometimes on my left, sometimes on my right. I also still have a very sore right nipple and am extremely thirsty all the time and have had a headache for the past week and a half or so. But no other real symptoms. Am I imaginining things or does anyone think this sounds promising? I am having less symptoms this month than any other month! Thanks all!


MrsShelton217 - March 2

LANIE! SOUNDS OH SO PROMISING! That is what happed to me. I hardly had any symptoms... but my nipples were SOOOOOOOO tender! *still dont have too many* 4 weeks and 5 days now. beta of 2944 YAY!! GO TEST, and let us know!! LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!


danimarie - March 2

Lanie- I don't want to get your hopes too high, but your symptoms sound exactly like mine before I found out. My main ones were being thirsty ALL the time and then weird you said, sometimes in the middle, sometimes to one side or the other. I really didn't have any other symptoms at all. My nipples didn't even get that I'd say it is definately possible! Oh...I hope you are!! Baby dust girl! Keep us updated if/when you test.......good luck!


Lanie - March 2

It was positive VERy fast! Ack now I am scared...haha


staci - March 2

woa woa woa, so you're pg!!? Congrats!!


danimarie - March 2

Oh man..I was so glad you tested....I was antsy to find out and I have never even talked to you! Good luck! I am 32 weeks and can hardly wait! Is this your first??


Lanie - March 3

This will be my first and we are very excited! I have heard that nine months is a long time to wait...November is so far away ahh! Congrats on being 32 weeks! What are you having? First or do you have other children??


danimarie - March 4

It's our first too. We are having a girl...either naming her Makenzie or Madison. I am 21 and my dh is almost 25. Are you guys wanting a boy or girl? We kinda wanted a boy to be the oldest, but then ever since we found out it was a girl we have been SO excited to have a girl. She is going to be her daddy's little princess for sure. So how are you feeling? Any sickness yet or anything? I never got sick at all....hopefully you'll be lucky too!


danimarie - March 5



Lanie - March 5

Hi danimarie! Sorry I took so long to respond...I could not log in yesterday! Very frusterating haha! Congrats on a girl! I am 19 and dh is 21, when he/she is here, we will be 20 and 22! We wanted a boy to be the oldest as well...and the other night I had this gut feeling it was, even though after some shopping all the girls clothes looked so cute! I guess we will find out soon enough (or not haha!) I am having some sickness, mostly when I am tired or hungry...gotta stay on that food! How long were you and dh trying before you found out?


danimarie - March 5 dh must have super swimmers or I took my last birth control pill on July 17th.....started my period on July 20th...and exactly 28 days later I had a bright BFP. We were expecting it to take time for my body to regulate and everything and we knew that some people try for 6 months to a we didn't think it would happen so fast! But we were really glad it did. I TOTALLY thought that I was having a boy and so did everyone else. All the old wives tales pointed to boy.....I was really really shocked to find out it was a girl. Hopefully you'll get your boy...but Im sure that like us you will be totally thrilled no matter what!


Lanie - March 6

Oh we would definitely be thrilled with either! I got off birth control Jan 1, 2007 and we concieved on v-day! Woo-hooO! never thought it would happen so soon...thought it would be a long time!


makattak - March 6

danimarie, I was reading this post (I mostly read, don't talk much) but I am TTC I am 37 w/2kids 13 and 14......their names are MAKENZIE AND MADISON funny huh? Makenzie is the 14 and a boy (he loves his name & occa__sionaly goes by MAK , my daughter Madison is 13. Have you thought of a middle name ? My son is Makenzie Scott daughter Madison Jayne PS wish me luck, I am 8 dpo and cd 22, not really any symptoms though either way, just waiting Kim


danimarie - March 6

Kim- That's so funny!! I have heard of Makenzie for both boy and girl and I like it for both!! Let's see....we have a few middle names picked out... We like Makenzie Cadence, Makenzie Karis, Madison Aurora, and Madison Tacey.....all of them are kinda different, but our last name is Brown, so we wanted her name to be unique. I LOVE Jayne with a "y". One of my best friends names is Sara Jayne and I have always really liked it! I'm glad you said something!!! How long have you been trying for this one? Keep us posted about what happens....Hope this is your month!!!!!



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