Wow I Am Not The Only One

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littlechick - May 11

you know i went through alot of what you ladies are going through right now . i had the symptoms of pregnancy but all hpt's and blood test came out neg so i thought i am not preg just my pcos screwing with me so i left it at that . then about a week later no joke i swear this is the absolute truth i got a message on my answering machine from my grandmother who past away 18 years ago she told me on the message exact words " my dear you have been blessed with a child" at first i thought no way this cant be real so i *69 the call figuring it could have been someone foolin with me but the last was my hubbys cell from when he called me that morning and it was now evening . so now i was totaly freaked out , after playing the message to just about everybody i finally went to the docs and you know what i was pregnant and if i never recieved that message i would never have thought twice about getting for pregnany because i had thought i was just not preg . i thank god everyday for that . so the reason why i am sharing this to illustrate miracles happen weather you believe it or not i know i do


littlechick - May 11

oh and i still have that message on my answering machine


littlechick - May 11

*checked for pregnancy


elisabeth - May 11

wow thats amazing... a little scary though!!!! Good luck with your pregnancy...


Saird - May 11



littlechick - May 11

yeah you can say that agian


jessieb - May 11

what? i am creeped out.... so let me get this straight. you had a message on your answering machine from you grandmother, who pa__sed away years ago, that said that you were pregnant?ok..what is up with the message? how? what? creeeeepy. congrats too!


linds99 - May 11

Littlechick, Honestly, that is the most amazing story. I believe in miracles. Whether you can explain how and where the phone call came from via phone records would be interesting. I wish someone would contact me and give me good news like that, Lord knows I've had a very hard life and everything for me has always been a struggle, so I am not surprised that ttc also becomes another struggle for me to get through. I sure hope when we die and go on the other side that it won't be as hard as it is here. What did your friends think when you played the message to them?


VenusdiMilo - May 12

Congrats Littlechick!! Have a healthy pregnancy!!


pakcan - May 12



pakcan - May 12

and mind i still the tape from my answering machine and my friends when they heard it were totaly freaked out trust i went my phone records everything there was no incoming call listed on bill for that time. as for explaining how it happen well i am not god only he knows how they do it


Celia - May 12

Pakcan this happened to you also? or you and littlechick are same person? It's a bit creepy but congrat's.


pakcan - May 12

actually littlechick is my little sister so forgot to mention that


pakcan - May 12

we are from a diffrent culture so our families live to together anyways sorry i didn't make clear to you guys next i'll remember to clarify


Lin - May 12

How pathetic. Someone had my post removed, because they think it's better to believe every ghost story a random stranger tells them on the internet than have a little skepticism. Funny how it's almost always the same exact people who believe in psychics, ghosts and astrology who, when faced with strong scientific evidence, are the first to completely dismiss it saying that "science can't explain everything" and then have the audacity to claim that scientists think it does. Come on, people, skepticism is a virtue. Blind acceptance is not.



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