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Belle - April 4

I am pregnant!!! I took two home pregnancy test kits, a light pink line appeared in both, could'nt believe it - so I went for a blood test and it was positive! All I can say is trust in the Lord! He can do it.


chriss - April 4

Congrats Belle!!! all the best for a health and happy pregnancy.!!!


Alison - April 4

Yay! That is great to hear congratulations to you! :o)


sth - April 4

that is so cool belle! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a h&H 9ms =-)


jena - April 4

YAY! how long were you trying! what a great feeling!!! congratulations!!!


Me2 - April 4

Congrates I am happy for you. How long did you try?


Angela - April 4

Congrat's to you and your new baby. I hope everything comes out wonderful.


erica - April 4

Belle, What were your'e symptoms?


Cutie - April 4

Congrats Belle, I am so excited for you. Praise the Lord!!!! You are right about the trust in Lord, I shouldnt loose hope. I am very, very happy for ya.


sharon - April 4

so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!


Trixie - April 4

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....congratssssssssssssssssssssss BELLE...I'm so happy for u...


Belle - April 5

Well, the most definite symptoms were excess saliva, sore b___sts, unusual colouring in nipples (one or both), weeing often through the night/morning hours a few times only. We tried for 3 months and 1 month on Clomid. To everyone out there, the most important thing, is praying to your heavenly father, and the reason for this is because the decision lies in his hands only - not ours or clomid or anything. You will all be in my prayers at night.


Lindy - April 5

Hey Belle First of all congrats and i hope everything goed well with the pregnancy.have been ttc for two months now and recently started on clomid and i keep praying everynight that i am pg but all i can do now is wait.You are right its now in our hands its all in Gods hands and i sincerely paray for that miracle for all of us who are anxious and want to bring life into the world.Baby dust to eveyone..



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