X Ray And Signs Of Pregnancy

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Niki - January 4

On Dec 13th I had a dential xray and recently started having signs of pregnancy. My only concern that I might have been pregnant when i had my xray. Should I be worried?


kim - January 4

You should be ok... My dentist has signs everywhere that say please let us know if you pregnant or may be.. Did you not see them? I would call your dentist and ask them what they think so you can rest your mind...


Niki - January 4

That time I didn't know that i could be pregnant at all and i still don't know how far I'm into the pregnancy till friday.


tiffani - January 4

I had dental X-rays while pregnant (had to have a root ca___l )which resulted in a healthy baby boy. How did they take the X-ray? Sitting in a chair with a heavy "jacket" placed over your chest? (ideal) Or were you standing in a room where a machine circled your head? (less ideal) Either way, I think you're okay.


Nick - January 4

My dentist did not take x-rays because he knew I was ttc, but he said it was just a precation. If I had a problem he would have taken the x-rays, so I think your fine.


Niki - January 5

Tiffani - The X-ray was taken mean while I was sitting in the chear and a heavy blanket was placed over me. My wisdom teeth needed to come out argh.... Hoping I wasn't pregnant that time, will find out on friday.


tiffani - January 5

Niki~ I had X-rays done the same way when I was in my 1st trimester. I was no worse off, as I now have a healthy baby boy. Fingers crossed for a positive result on your preg. test.


tiffani - January 5

Maybe I shouldn't a__sume you're wanting to be pregnant. Let me say my fingers are crossed for the pregnancy test results that you're hoping for. Best wishes!


Niki - January 5

Thank you! I will keep you updated on my pregnancy status. I haven't taken HP test, but I just know I am lol


Niki - January 9

It's crazy! I have all the signs of being pregnant, but the HP test is negative. My af is 9-10 days late, my b___bs feel different. Sometimes a vein shows up on my right b___b. I've seen my doctor on Friday and I have to take a blood test. Is the blood test very accurate?



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