Yay I Got A FF Going Anyone In Early Cycle CD 2 For Me

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Laceyandsamsmamma - February 16

ok desiree , I think that is what I read your name was, I am on cd 7 and bsing is on like cd 9 so you can hang with us, we are both on the 2ww thread too. my chart is home/laceyandsamsmamma and bsing is home/brooke08 if you want to keep up with us


izechsmama - February 16

thank you laceyandsamsmama.. i appreciate that.. i will definately do that! CD3 already tomorrow.. yay!


carla123 - February 16

hi izechs. af arrived last night for me. cd 2 for me i guess today. was so upset last night. not just because i was not pregnant but that my cycle has got even longer 41days!! what the hell. thats a real bummer. do you know if there is anthing you can take to regulate your cycles?? x


TTC#3@35 - February 16

My DD was close to a turkey baby. she was 5 days old on thanksgiving & it was a bad day.. went over my familys house to walk in the door with my new little baby & drip drip drip.. my b___sts leaked all over my shirt... I cried & cried.. had to wear my dads t-shirt the rest of the day & stuck kleenex in my bra because they kept leaking... then the kleenex stuck ... oh the fun! but I would love to do it all again!!! 8dpo


izechsmama - February 16

Carla.. look into soy, ask the gals on here how much to take though..i'm not sure what is the best amount... i'm sorry that AF arrived.. i know the feeling.. but i feel better because i'm temping now... :)


whatisgoingon - February 17

Just out of curiousity, for all those that have been mothers before.. when you have a new born and are producing milk.. is there any way to stop that embarra__sing thing happening where you leak milk? lol - Izechs, glad you are temping now. Cant wait to see what that uncovers for you. I will definately stalk ur chart!! he he. Well I am due for af tomorrow. Last af was Jan 22nd. I get my af's exactly every 4wks from cd1. So due Feb 18th (tomorrow). Had brown spotting last week for a day or two. Had a spot this morning of brown, but then nothing.. So am wondering if af will show. Most likely she will. Am starting to think something is wrong with me. I mean I am a healthy 20 yr old woman. Why wouldnt I conceive straight away? Its been 4cycles! I know that isnt a long time, but still.. lol xo


izechsmama - February 17

Hey holly.. as far as the milk question if you decide to b___stfeed which i highly recommend, its such a great bonding expierence... than they make pads that you wear in your bra and you really dont leak all that much, i would leak some during s_x and when you b___stfeed the one b___st you arent using will leak... but if you decide not to b___stfeed the milk will dry up soon... its really not that hard to deal with.. i never leaked through my shirts or anything like that.. i always wore nursing bras with pads that they make for b___stfeeding mothers... but anyways... as far as ttc.. i'm sure theres nothing wrong with you... i concieved on my 4th cycle off bc and i think it was pure luck... i mean look at me now, i had an iud and there is supposed to be no effect on your fertility but i'm on my 4th cycle now and no luck.. so its just the way things work out... it will happen when the time is right.. sometimes no matter how hard you try if its not the right time it wont work... and sometimes people who try get pregnant the first time... so hold your head high.. you will get preg in time... are you and db going to get married ?


whatisgoingon - February 17

Hey Izechs. Well Cd28 for me today, no sign of af. But I am sure by Cd31 she would have arrived! No doubt in my mind at all. Hmpf. Will keep u posted, but I am almost 100% that af will arrive..lol In answer 2 ur question. Yes, my partner & I do have plans 4 marriage. We both want that so much, but also know that our love wont ever fade, and we dont see any real rush in getting married. Atleast for now having our 1st child and our own home is on the top of the list first. We buy our 1st home this year, already in progress. So wont be long now. :) Very excited, so having said that I know that it wouldnt be the 'best' time to fall pregnant.. but we are both aware of that.. and despite my efforts to install protection on his part, it hasnt happened. So he is fully aware of the possible consequences and we are fine with that. If it happens it happens and is meant to be.. But its now cycle 4 for me and i know its pathetic but I am loosing hope.. It hasnt been that long I know.. I guess the thought that its not the right time to be praying on the possibility of it all happening is really sinking in and am starting to believe that... so perhaps I will implement some form of trying to stop it?? Even though I know how hard that will be because I want it so bad! :( Ah well.. I do have the rest of my life.. I hope! lol


izechsmama - February 18

Holly.. thats cool.. i think its great that you two are going to get married eventually and stuff..there were times that i thought i had gotten married too young and even fell pregnant very young... because it all changes your life so much... but i wouldnt change a thing.. i love my son more than anything in this whole world... and i'm so grateful to have expierenced being a mother and having him... hes the best thing thats ever happened to me... and my DH and i have been through alot.. i love him so much.. and we've been down the divorce road a number of times.. but we're finally on the right page and thats not even an option... obviously if we're ttc #2... but get yourself squared away... definately dont go on anything because no matter what happens it will happen when its meant to be.. but if you go on something you are the one deterring it... i would just continue to do what you are doing.. and your time will come for a baby... who knows it might even be this cycle.. you never know... i'm on CD5 now.. i can't believe its going so fast. i would've thought i'd be completely devastated about my valentines bfn and AF.. but ya know i'm really over it.. its gonna happen on its own day and make that day special... i found out i was pregnant with DS on March 5 and i will never forget that day... hopefully temping will do a world of good for me.. that way i can see the daily temp increases or decreases and not have to die waiting to test.... but anyways.. hang in there girl.. you will be just fine...


whatisgoingon - February 19

Nah I would neva go on2 the BCP again. It messed my body up too much. Its just not an option. If we were to implement protection, which one day we will eventually do, it would be on his part! lol.. Only want 2 kids max preferable.. But yeah I dont want to get my hopes up at all in any way, so its easier for me to just believe and expect that af will arrive in the next day or two. Its cd29 and no sign of her yet.. but could have o'd late so that might make her arrive tomorrow or cd31? So far all I have had is a small drop of brown cm and that is it. I did have brown spotting last week for a day but that couldv just been left over from ovulation I suspect? I have been unusually ga__sy* sorry tmi, the last week or two. I rarely get gas and definately not daily! lol Last day or two my b___sts have hurt on and off but that could just be a muscular sprain around the rib-cage or indigestion (rarely get that though.. but is possible). I keep getting slight ga__sy sorta very mild cramps down there, but turns out to be gas! lol.. keep thinking to myself, oh here she comes.. but nope not her! I wish she would hurry up and show me already!! So I can get her over and done with! lol Will keep ya posted, no doubt fill ya in on her tomorrow *sigh*. :)


BrendaW - February 19

hey, your son is so ADORABLE!!!


TTC#3@35 - February 19

whatisgoingon - I did not b___st feed & your milk does dry up just takes about 7 days or so.. & I had NO idea about he pad in your bra or definetly would have invested in alot of those!! I'm on 11dpo & so wanted to test but always talk myself out of it. I have 1 test in my closet right now thats talking to me.. But i hate the disappointment if it a bfn but i hate waiting too.



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