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CHAS - November 4

Has anyone experienced a yeast infection in early pregnancy ? Can this be a symptom? I just ovulated, and now I have a yeast infection. I have only had one in my entire life! Please advise, if this has happened to anyone and then found out they were pregnant. Thanks !


egner - November 4

is the discharge greenish or yellow?


Chas - November 4



Grandpa Viv - November 4

Pregnancy hormones change the chemistry of the v____a and urethra, and lurking pathogens can unexpectedly thrive. If you are experiencing other early signs a week or so after ovulation, pregnancy is possible. Either way, it needs to be treated. Good luck!


S - November 4

I think I ovulated this weekend and I had a yeast infection Monday. I have only had a yeast infection one other time in my life. I hope it's a good sign!


CHAS - November 7

I also had pinkish tinge discharge when the monistat started to come out. I wonder if that could have been a__sociated with implantation ? anyone experience this ??? please.............


b - November 7



Liana - November 7

Both of my pregnancies, right after I ovulated I got a yeast infection and yellowish discharge, and i never ever get yeast infections, so it was an accurate sign. However I didn't get posituve tests until about 5 weeks.


Chas - November 7

Thank you Liana.. maybe there is hope after all !!! Anyone else ?


Chas - November 8

Liana, Did you have any other early symptoms ? And did you test neg before positive? and how early did you test? Thank you in advance


bump - November 8



good luck - November 8

I think it can b a sign


Liana - November 8

Yes I tested like 3 times because i just had this feeling, like my temperature was a little up and I had cold like symptoms, no true signs of pregnancy the first two weeks, and I kept getting negative results, I tested around the time my period was coming!!! After that I started getting symptoms like increased saliva, headaches and a lot of buping when I knew for sure i was pregnant but the tests kept saying no!!!! andt hen 5 weeks after ovulation I got a positive


Liana - November 8

Oh ya, and swollen b___bs as soon as two days after ovulation. they also say that you will notice more veins on your b___bs but I am naturally veiny so that souldn't tell me anything. Do you have cold like symptoms? Burpng, ga__sy?? Let us know how you feel?!


Chas - November 8

No, no real symptoms. Boobs are a little sore now and then, but that could be af. Tested today, neg. :( I am getting so discouraged... we have been ttc for 11 mos


Chas - November 9

Getting really tired and moody also. Craving chocolate last night really bad, but that is also a af sign ! I just want to know !!!


Liana - November 9

I know its hard to know at first, the symptoms can go both ways, preg and af!!!! The fact that your oobs are sore is a good sign though, because in the cse of AF , he soreness comes later, at least for me, about 1 week or few days before af, but not rght after ovulating?! I f they hurt that early, its a good sign!!



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