Yellow Snot Like CM

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Elh83 - May 19

h__lo ladies, i just wanna share my symptoms and see if any ones in the same boat! here's some back ground info, me and DH have been TTC for 4 yrs. His sperm is normal and i have hormone issues. Ive gone through one M/C back in 2004. i have a 37 day cycle (yeah i know weird number) Ive been on metformin for over a year now which brought my cycles down from 42-60 days to 37days. my last AF was 04-09. i ovulated 04-26 / 04-29 (BFP OPK on 04-27), so my AF was due 05-16. I had brown cm on 05-09 which was like on blob and that was it . i started getting a thick yellow mucus on 05-13 and still have it. (looks like snot and lots of it with no smell or itching) . Ive never in my whole life experienced cm like this. my OB scheduled me for a trans-va___al ultra sound to check for PCOS and endometriosis. (more infertility testing) My scan was totally normal. just the lining of my uterus was thick (said the ultra sound tech) that same day AF was due and not a single drop of blood. I'm now 2 days late and still no AF just tons of that yellow cm, running nose, and light cramping. i had took a HPT on the day AF was due BFN. this yellow cm is throwing me way off. i know i don't have nay infections because i just had my annual on may 1st. I'm so confused!!


Elh - May 19

still no af. yellow cm still here but changing to more of a white/creamy snot like. im having light cramps off and on ......fingers crossed!


MFM731 - May 19

I just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago. I had the exact same symptoms you're describing. I was convinced that I was getting my period because of the cramping. My nose has been running nonstop and I also have the yellow cm (and I mean tons of it). I was too afraid to test the day my AF was due, so I waited 4 days and then tested. Remember that even if you get a neg on the day your AF is due, you could still get a positive later. HcG doubles (roughly) every day. Many books I've read consider the day of your AF is still too soon to test. They recommend 17 dpo. Don't give up until AF rears her ugly head! Good luck!


Elh83 - May 19

thanks so much MFM731. im gonna retest on wed. if still no BFP ill also test this weekend. then if no AF by next mon 5/26 or a BFP ill head to the dr for a blood test! yeah the cramps are makign me think af will show up . but still the cm and runny nose are driving me crazy!


KaylaJay - May 20

Hi guys...I have a ? if anyone can help me. I recently began BC to help w/cramping and all that jazz.. Im on my 3rd month now, I thought my body would have adjusted by now...but Im starting to get symptoms like sore b___sts and heartburn, cramps (off period) and way different discharge. has anyone known of someone getting preg off of LOW DOSE Bc?? I recenly learned that I needed a much higher dose all this time! Think pregnancy is likely if I havnt had necessary dosage and havnt been using any other method at all.. or is this all side effects?


Elh83 - May 21

still no af in now 6 days late. still the same cm, cramping, and off and on headaches. i had a weird sensation in one of my nipples last night. almost like a pinching feeling. All so today when i went to the bathroom i had a werid orange tint when i wiped. since then not a dam thing just back to that yellow/white cm.


krissy2006 - May 21

elh and elh83 are you the same person? If you don't want to confuse people I would suggest you use the same username on your threads. As for CM being an indicator of pregnancy, its not. The only thing cm can be good for is indicating your fertile window. It can't even pinpoint ovulation because it is dictated by the amount of estrogen in your system and can be several days before and/or after ovulation. Also elh, why are you on metaformin if you don't have PCOS. Do you have an insulin resistence? Kaylajay, with perfect circ_mstances/timing, no male or female issues, and good cm the chance of pregnancy each month is approx. 25%. Some women are known to be resistent to birth control pills. If you are concerned about being pregnant I would suggest taking a test when you take your last sugar pill. Otherwise your symptoms sound more like your body is trying to adjust to the hormone changes you are causing by using synthetic hormonal birth control.


KaylaJay - May 22

Yea I was thinking that was more likely too. The adjusting has been hell I can tell you that. lol Hope it all straightens itself out soon because The disadvantages are starting to outweigh the good its supposed to provide for my horrible cycle. Wouldnt that be something tho..not using protection for 3 years and no pregnancy.. and a couple months into using birth control I get pregnant..haha but I guess we'll see :-)


BeckyBunny - May 22

Don't give up yet. I had that snot like CM early on too, it was SO weird. I was like, why the hell do I have snot coming out of my hoo-ha?! lol. I didn't get my BFP until a WEEK after AF should have come, and even then it was faint on the dollar tree test, but strong the next day on the FRER...I had gotten a flat out BFN 3 days after AF should have come, and didn't test again for 4 days after that. I do have PCOS and was on metformin through the first trimester. Good luck!


Elh83 - May 22

yes we are the same person, i was having log-in issues. yeas i do have insulin resistance. metformin is the only thing so far to help regulate me. oh and BTW increased cm is a indication of pregnancy there is tons of articles on it as well as info from my OB. If you have the time try researching it yourself! (like this artile i found on perfect pregnancy and many others i have found) These days the pregnancy tests are conducted at the early stages to detect conception and pregnancy. However, there were no such tests conducted in the earlier days and those days the people used were intuitive methods such as discharge, an interpretation of an early pregnancy symptom. Cervical mucus was also considered an early pregnancy symptom, as were many other similar signs. Here is a list of some early pregnancy symptoms that could indicate conception. Vaginal Discharge/Cervical Mucus Vaginal discharge of various forms is an early pregnancy symptom or a pointer towards conception. The amount of v____al discharge increases in the earliest stage of pregnancy. Cervical mucous is not an early pregnancy symptom but an indication of pregnancy. Cervical secretions fill the cervical ca___l and create a protective barrier called the mucus plug.


Elh83 - May 22

thank you so much beckybunny!!! i tested this morning (5 days late) still a BFN. Im gonna retest this weekend. then if nothing ill call my ob for a blood test. XXXXXX fingers crossed XXXXXX


krissy2006 - May 22

Elh83, I am 35 weeks pregnant and while an increase of cervical mucous CAN be a sign of pregnancy it is not always nor do MOST women get it. It is just as distinct for each woman to get an increase in cm in pregnancy as any individual woman's cycle. I am basing my knowledge off of what I have read and googled in the last year and 9 months of ttc and then being pregnant. The majority of women do not have an increase in cervical mucous until their mucous plug forms completely and then only gets a true increase when it deteriorates and rebuilds itself.


krissy2006 - May 22

I failed to mention I also base my info off of the 18 women I have met and now know personally through this and other forums who have gotten pregnant and given birth in the 2 years I have been on these forums, not to mention of course family and friend experiences in real life.


BeckyBunny - May 24

that's true too. you think you got discharge now, wait until you're further along in pregnancy, LOL, it is insane sometimes, but can vary day to day. Have pantyliners. any answers yet? AF? no AF? still BFN?



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