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emmajayne - July 10

My partner and I are currently trying to conceive, i am now approx 1 week away from my next due period but have been feeling odd (the only way i can describe it) for the last few days. I have a very small appet_te usually but for the last few days have been constantly hungry and eating about triple what i normally would in a day, I've also had strange feelings in my lower abdomen, kinda like very light butterflys and cramps. Im also finding that I can't seem to hold my stomach in and feel constantly bloated. Are any of these pregnancy symptoms that anyone else has experienced so early?


Irishmao - July 10

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but I am experiencing very similar symptoms also! I love the way you describe the strange feelings in your abdomen~ light b___terflys and cramps~ that's exactly what I have! And I also feel like I can't hold in my stomach anymore and also constantly bloated.


Cate - July 10

They sure could be. I am currantly pregnant. My last period was June 17th. I felt symptoms and took a test on only the 6th day after I had intercourse (Tested on day 21 of my cycle) this is suposed to be the very earliest day to implant, but that test was positive, as was the blood test I now have had at the lab. SOme woman are very sensitive to those early symptoms. I found out on day 21 with my son as well. And early with my daughter too..though I can't remember who early with her. Good luck! If not this month...than don't give up.


ca__sie14 - July 10

My fiance and I are trying to conceive as well. It is hard for us because he is currently away with the military. But, we tried during June 19th through July 6th, the last 5 days of those were my ovulation cycle. It is now July 10th, 3 weeks after we started, and 5 days before my period should come. I am feeling the SAME that you are... cramping of the tummy, my tummy is bloated and I constantly feel fat now and can't even suck it in!! My appet_te has grown as well. These all seem to be good signs, from what I have been reading. I am also having sore b___sts since about 4 days after we tried to conceive. Keep us posted! Good luck!


emmajayne - July 12

Thank you so much for all your replies, its really set my mind at ease knowing I'm not the only one feeling these symptoms so early. I have planned to do a test next week but from your answer Cate am now wondering what I would see if I did one now. Maybe I will do one anyway, it can't hurt right? Anyway just wanted to say thank you for your replies and good luck to you all.


Cate - July 12

If you do take ont this early, do it with the first morning urine, or hold your urine at least 4 hours...try for longer though. Let us know!! Good luck!


Sabine - July 12

Hi emmajayne, I am having early symtoms too. I am 8dpo now but like ca__sie14 I also noticed symtoms (especially sore b___sts) at 4 dpo onward. I have constant cramping like pulls and twinges and I am breaking out more than usual. Ca__sie14..this may sound weird but we were fertile at the same time! That is awesome Cate that you don't have a 2ww and congrats!


Cate - July 12

Not having the 2ww is cool for the satisfying of curiosity, but it has it's annoyances. FOr example...It's like having a longer pregnancy. 2 weeks might not seem like much, but that added time is tacked onto the beginning when misscarriage is more likely...sometimes I think it might be better to know later. Especially because I am sure you've read several times how early pregnancy feels like starting your period. Well that can be scary when you get yourself freaked out about it also being similar to misscarriage symptoms. But yeah, there are some good parts. I've begun my prenatal care already so thats certainly good. You guys should have seen my doctor's face though when I showed up talking about being pregnant and aware of it already. He looked at me like I was crazy, and had a look of unconcealed surprise when the blood test came positive. lol


emmajayne - July 14

Again thanks for your replies and I will certainly let you know the outcome Cate when I do the test. I have decided to wait instead of doing one early so it will be one more week yet. Also, almost everyone has commented about having sore b___sts, this is one of the symptoms i'm not experiencing but I have noticed my nipples have become very itchy especially at night. Now this could possibly be a combination of the weather here at the moment (I live in Cyprus) and also my nipples being pierced, but has anyone else experienced this or not had sore b___sts at all. I know all women experience symptoms differently but am just looking for a bit of rea__surance really. P.s I have also been feeling a little sick over the last couple of days which my partner is very pleased about, lol!


Cate - July 14

I do not have sore b___sts fact, besides being tired...I have no symptoms...and with my daughter...I was sikcer than a dog...with my son...not so much but I had EVERY symptom they even say you might possibly have. lol. ANd with my son...the b___sts soreness was the worse!


TallyJo4 - July 14

Good morning ladies. I am new here. Mind if I join you for the TWW?


Cate - July 14

Welcome TallyJo4


TallyJo4 - July 15

Thank you Cate. EmmaJayne I hope you get your BFP. I am hoping for mine next week. Good luck! :)



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