Yo Yo Cervix

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susan - February 24

Has anyone ever had this. 2 days ago my cervix was high and soft..could barely reach it. Yesterday it was low, soft and seemed closed (I was afraid to push too much) Today it is high and soft and again I can barely reach it. CM is white and creamy. I could be pregnant (whole other story) or in the middle of my cycle. Help if you can please.


SugarPie - February 24

I have no idea about the cervix thing, but I totally loved your t_tle! Fabby!


SugarPie - February 24

Another thing, Mulga and Chriss and Grandpa Viv are seriously good with the cervix questions as is LaRae. Girl reads a lot! So hopefully you can ask one of them for a bit more info.


Grandpa Viv - February 24

http://groups.msn.com/AllforMaybeBabyTryingToConcieve/cervicalposition.msnw (remove hyphens before using this URL) - the cervix hardens and descends after ovulation. If pregnancy occurs it will then soften, rise, and remain closed, but the timing is variable, so it is not a reliable early sign.


La Rae - February 24

No....it sure the heck is not a very reliable sign! HPT's make a fortune of ladies like us don't they? Thanks for the shout-out Sugarpie - but I know about as much as cervix's and cm and bbt and ttc and tnt as much as the next person.....LMAO!


SugarPie - February 24

LaRae are you serious? From what I read you seem more on point than I ever could be! I can't feel a d__n thing. My uterus is actually placed much higher than the average woman so I know d__n well I can't go by that as a sign... that said, I'm so glad you're good and doing okay! I was concerned cause I didn't see a post from you yesterday. Much love and true to your words on ept tests!!!


mulgajill - February 24

hahah.... well... cervix's aren't my specialty either, though i have learnt a bit about mucous... though i don't know if i should put that on my job resume... just for the record i will check to see if it (cervix) is there... have never done it before so it will be something different for my "things to do today" list... thankfully i have not got my fake nails at the moment.... and as for hpt's.... just think of it as providing employment to all those people working at the preg test factory... they must be flat out with over time....


La Rae to Sugarpie - February 24

I'm gonna be honest with you - I am feeling rather depressed. I am having relationship problems with my dh. He is blaming me for not being able to get pregnant. He is a little bit younger than me, and since I am 35 now - well, you can imagine what he's saying/thinking. Maybe it's for the best I can't have his child. Sorry if I bum you out with this, I just can't help it. It's tough all over ain't it? Life sucks lemons sometimes..... (I still want to have another child though - almost to where it wouldn't matter who the father was - how sick is that?)


mulgajill - February 24

relationship problems.... well i usually go to drphil.com for these... and ttc'ing is very stressful for the woman... this tends to make relationships a bit more fragile.... which is why i am here at the computer... my man is ignorant of my internet life while he is at work... he is interested a bit... but after the last m/c i wont be involving him too much with the in's and out's of conception. My man is younger too... not that you can tell, he is certainly more worn out than me!.... You are a spring chicken LaRae... i am 43, had my first at 34, then another at 38... and trying again (seems to be more difficult when you are trying). My girlfriend had her first at 42.... actually you sound like you may be pregnant... the depression/relationship strain thing... you had a light 'period' awhile ago i think i remember from one of your postings..... maybe you were not pregnant then but are NOW?


tiffani - February 24

You're a cla__s act. What a kind and supportive friend. :o)


La Rae to Sugarpie - February 24

Wow....that's A LOT of typing! Seriously, I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. Me and my dh are sleeping in seperate places now. I'm at the house, he went to a friends to stay. Sounds like a flippin' soap opera (or Jerry Springer) doesn't it? I think it's really over. BUT I do believe that our trying to have a baby together (he is not the biological father of my son) was not the magic pill to fix our already broken-down relationship. I guess when a couple agrees to have a child together, and then start trying - it's all 'Starry-Eyed Bliss' in the beginning....until and/or unless it starts to look like there might be some infertility issues involved. Anyways, I just looked at my b___bs (ha,ha -funny huh?) and they look normal to me. I mean, I still have the MG's circling all the way around, but unless I stretch them out - or they're stretched out on their own, I can't see the veins. I am at peace with accepting the fact that I either have a hormonal imbalance or a mental one. Or maybe I have both....I am content with having only one child (my son) I am grateful for him. I will wait for grandchildren - I'm okay with that. Well, not really - but I know that God knows what is best for me and my son. And maybe bringing another child into this world, into MY world, right now - is maybe not the best thing. I sincerely appreciate your pep talk, and your experience sounds so much like what I went through with my sons father. It took me a LONG time to let that man go, but I finally did it. He has a part in his sons life, but not mine, not really. Only when we have to talk do we talk. But we do get along now, so that's good. Okay, enough of this c___p. I'm gonna sign off, and hopefully everything will work out for the good for everybody who comes to this board for help and advice. Peace to all and goodnight. La Rae


mulgajill - February 25

LaRae... hope all goes well with you, hopefully things will work out...either way... being at peace is great, you are but young. One thing i think is that men expect a lot from us (we are just too emotional for them to comprehend at times) and we expect a lot from them. It pays to remember that women evolved as a communicating group... it was important to communicate for the raising of children/gathering/childbearing etc, while men evolved to sit on a rock (in silence so as not to scare off prey) and accurately hit a moving object with a weapon (hence their love of sports)... spacial ability and sense of direction were also important (to find their way home) as was aggression (to protect the women).... so it pays to remember that if they say something nasty it is sometimes because of lack of communication skills rather than plain being horrible. And i dont think you have a mental or hormonal imbalance... you are just a normal woman....with 6000-8000 words to use a day (men have around 4000 a day ... usually by the time they get home they have used most of their quota).... be gentle on yourself...


La Rae to Mulgajill - February 25

Great response! I have never really looked at it that way before. When I read your post, I just couldn't believe how 'on the head' you were hitting that nail, you know? It makes me feel a lot better as far as some of the mean and cruel things that he has said to me. I feel like he was driving me away, pushing me away - however you wanna look at it....He said some things that were unforgiveable, and yet I don't hate him (even though I have tried to). I know that I have to move on - and if I really am not pg - then I do believe that is God's will, as He does know what's best for ALL of us....Thank you for your input and support.



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