You All Suck

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$%&#@ - December 28

All my questions go unanswered!!!! whats wrong with all of you? its like high school all over again everyone is so clicky!!!


cold up here - December 28



Nichole - December 28

What was your question? Maybe nobody knows how to answer it? Try again, tell us what is your question.


Anon - December 28

I've had a few that went unanswered for a couple of days. But then finally someone answered (and I always said 'Thank You'). Then, of course when I replied with another question, that one went unanswered. I am not taking sides here, but it appears that the 'topic' has a lot to do with how many answers you get. Like, it has to be 'General' and one that has been asked MANY MANY times already. You know....can I still get my period and be pregnant? could I be pregnant? can you get pregnant by having s_x on your period? 'pregnant by fingering' was a good one. THAT one got lots of replies. I guess it's all how you word your question, huh?


Nichole - December 28

Well, saying we all suck isn't very nice, but I can understand how frustrating things can be when you are worried about pregnancy. :-) This topic is in poor taste, just so you know, I reported it, so it might be deleted. In the future, maybe just be patient. I found that my topic was just plain weird and rare, so I got only one or two responses, but I was glad somebody responded at all. Besides, it's been Christmas holidays, and some people have been busy elsewhere in their lives without time to come on to this site and post answers and stuff. Did you eventually get all your questions answered, anonymous? I hope so. You could possibly get pregnant while having your period. I learned that way back in a highschool s_x education cla__s, although the chances are rare. Also, fingering could cause pregnancy if there was sperm/pre-c_m/c_m all over the finger and the woman was ovulating... it's possible. I don't know if it's how you word your question, or not. Maybe relaxing and realizing everybody is emotional and busy in their own lives will help you to not take it so personally next time. Good luck to you, and I hope you get the answers you are looking for.


What the hell - December 28

My GOD people what the hell is this!!!!! This is a sight to a__sist each other your all b___hy, and if someone doesn't know the answer.. well they just don't know... we are not doctors you know!!!


Kristen - December 28

If you want this kinda chat go to a chat room and stop wasting time... people here are really wanting to fall pregnant and need help your all so SAD


kim - December 28

Everyone needs to relax.. There are alot of questions posted everyday and many people have to work and carry on with there life. If you have a question and need an answer asap then maybe you should ask your doc or midwife.. I have met some really nice women on this site and see no need to be so p__sy... You know moodiness is a symptom so maybe you are pregnant and feeling p__sy today.. I hope you feel better tomorrow. As far as clicky alot of people are dealing with the same situation therefore they communicate maybe you just have not found the right person in your same situation.. What is your question maybe I can help you?


ck - December 29

Dear $%&#@ ; I'm a nurse and I'm also pregnant with my 4th child. I'll answer your questions - what are they?


Anon - December 29

Whatever the initial question was, it appears that telling everybody that they 'Suck' was more important... (boy, did this one get a response or what?)


ck - December 30

Off the very important question or should I say comment - I am a nurse too - also on my fourth.


Jeri - December 30

Please don't feel that way. We all are going through things, and from your response I see that some of us are actually mentally stronger than others. It will get better............ I promise. Try and keep a positive att_tude about things and don't sweat the small things


Joanna - December 30

She must be on Clomid!


Pregnancy-Info-Net - December 30

This message is for all person/s not using this site for the correct purposes. Your comments have been reported.


wow - January 3

$%&#@ -- ur a b___h!! not ALL questions get answered. just re-post it and get a grip!!



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