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redapplelassie - June 2

HA! Preggo, thanks for the name of the new thread..... Krissy, good to see you! Friday.....!?!?! I'm jealous! I think Friday is my O day, or close to it. I think it was Tina that asked where I was in my cycle? So I'm either right ahead of you, Callie, and Tina or actually, with all my BFN, I've been right behind you! :) Thanks too for the info about the blend. I wonder if DH would be open to it? I think right now he thinks it's my thyroid so I'll probably have to get that straightened out before he'll do that? That and BD for 20 days right?!?! HA!!! Whatever....I've managed to work around that! Stink, how was your first day of being a SAHM!?!?! What do you ladies do? Have you all said before? I work part time at a small two year college as an academic advisor, I know preggo works at KFC, and Callie, are you at home full time too? OHHH!!! One question I wanted to ask about this morning about 1 hour before my regular time to take my temp my DD came wondering into our room....(welcome to the terrible 2s, right?!!?) Anyway, since she was at my door, without even thinking, I got up and opened it and then went to the bathroom...well about an 1hr later (and I didn't really go back to sleep) it was time to take my temp and it was way down, normally it's been 97.5-97.7, but today it was 97.3. Sooooo...on FF should I record the lower temp knowing I messed it up, or should I just skip today?


callie2008 - June 3

morning ladies! yeah, angie, i would just skip a day. what is you ff addy? how come i dont know it? well, im on cd 2..........BORING!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i put bids on all kinds of pg tests on ebay!! they also had preseed and fertility blend. but, they only had the fertility blend for women. i started to wonder who puts this stuff up, then i realized.,, oh the ladies that it worked for and are now pregnant!!! my bf is off today so im going back to bed. i just wanted to record me temp. i hope you ladies have a good day!


mystic7830 - June 3

callie I ordered a bunch of tests from a place called Baby dreams in Pennsylvania. Got about 8 tests for $20 and that was with $5 upgraded shipping so they would get here NOW! and I spent a little extra on ones called ULTRA that say the detect preg. as early as 9dpo. which for me would be tomorrow. I bought 3 of those ($2 each) and then a 5 pack of regular ones that say they detect 20 HCG level. the 5 pack was like $5. then spent $4 on upgraded shipping, but regular shipping is FREE!


stinkab - June 3

Well, I can't find my BT Therm this morning - I think that has something to do with my 3yr old. She tries to be like me...must remember to hunt it down this morning. So, I'm using another one that I have had for years (but it's not a BT but it looks exactly the same??) but Angie, all of my temps are recorded after I got up and started doing stuff. I've been a terrible charter. Needless to say my chart is all over the board. It says I am 15 DPO, which would seem about right according to CM, but my last O day was on cd20, which if I disregard my lowest temp of 95.9 puts me at Oing at cd21...yeah, I pretty much screwed this one up. Anyways, I don't feel a thing...zilch in the wondering if I am pg dept. Weird because I usually get cramps a week before it starts. Again could be because it is off. Angie...thanks for asking! My first day was just as I dreamed. Spending the whole day and seeing my daughter go through everything was amazing. It's a lot of work because I don't actually get done everything I want to - but I knew coming into it that I wanted to focus on her, and my dh backed me up last night about it too -"I don't care what you get or don't get done, our main goal was to raise Gracie, so don't put pressure on yourself to get everything done". Whew that was a relief. So, you guys are still all waiting to O, or still on your af? Bummer! This long cycle is a killer!


redapplela__sie - June 3

Morning ladies. Christina, I'm so glad your first day went well.....and you are right, the house stuff (laundry, cleaning, etc) takes care of itself...and in 15 years you will have a clean house again, for now all that stuff is fine. Who really cares anyway? How long is your cycle? You really should be testing soon, right? You made me laugh about the temping....I am so lost, but trying to get the hang of it. I know it's not rocket science, but trying to make sure I read everything correctly! HA! My chart is 211297...but it's not super exciting. I really just started this cycle...I plugged in data from previous months that I had on hand, (I think I had temps starting in April) but nothing of any real substance. At this point poor FF really can't predict anything for me! :) Callie, you made me laugh too about all those things on ebay. I get my stuff there...usually the preseed and o kits come with free preggo tests...since I didn't need them from last month (thanks AF for coming early-wench!) I have those left, plus my new ones, I think I have 14 my one coveted first response that I bought several months back but didn't need thanks, once again to AF! SO! Maybe whenever the time is right I can take a test every day...if I keep at this rate I'll have 30 soon! LOL! I really don't think we will have much luck this month anyway until I get the thyroid stuff worked out. WHICH! good news, I have an appt next week with the endrocronologist, of course after I O, so maybe next month!


preggo_momma - June 3

Yay for my naming idea! I have a lot of random things like I think im on cd17 or somewhere around that. My last cycle was only 26 days..So if it stays that way i'm going to have a period on my daughters bday. Which will kinda suck considering i have to plan her little party. Luckily there wontbe a ton of screaming 2 yr olds. Just my friends and family. Sometimes my damily is worse than 2yr olds.. I was supposed to be at work today,but i think i have something lodged in behind my eye and its causing lots of pain, hurts to even blink, and my manager told me to just go home and go to the dr. No need for me to only be there for 3 hours anyways, labor was too high for it. Oh me time to flush my eye out and to clean and have time with hubby and dd.


Krissy68 - June 3

Hey girls I am 7dpo cd 25 and of course i broke down and tested because it was my birthday even though i knew it would be neg. I went to the gyn and I am so happy I am waiting on AF to show up. I will take her so the rest of you all can get your bfp. Anyway the gyn said cd 3-7 50mg/clomid cd 8-12 1mg estradiol (estrogen what does this do???) bd cd 10-16 and starting on cd 17 start taking prog supp until if I get a bfp take the prog supp until I am 10 weeks he said we will do this for 3 cycles and if this don't work then we will move onto something esle and my insurance covered all my meds $10 each so that is good I already have the first 2 they had to send away for the third and they will mail it to me when it come in. How is everybody doing? Krissy68


callie2008 - June 3

am i reading right? krissy did you really say you would take af for us so the rest of us could get a bfp? im sorry, but no matter how cool i think you all are,,, i will not give up my bfp for you!!! i am not willing to take one for the team. at that point, its kinda like every woman for herself!!!!!!!!!! prego...... whats wrong with your eye? wth!!! i feel like im in the twilight zone!


redapplela__sie - June 3

Hey I have a funny. DH friend from college has started a new job and needs a place to stay now through the, of course this is our time to BD!!!! WHAT?!?! So we live in a two story house and the guy sleeps on the couch, which happens to be below our bedroom. Yeah, I'm also a little shy so the fact that we have to BD with him in the house is awkward, but the fact that we have to BD with him sleeping under us?!?! You guys know what that's like...that's the stuff they make fun of in movies! LOL! SO! I think I need to set up a nice little set of blankets in our bathroom or something! HELP! We have a guest room, but that bed squeeks like nobody's business and of course DD room, but that's gross!!! Any other ideas?!!?!? Krissy, I'm a little confused, did the doc take a blood test or did you just take the home test and then talk with the doc? I'll be interested to hear how the Clomid works. OKAY! One more OPK question, please? In the past I've always had a faint line (which I know isn't +, and is common to have a faint line always) however this cycle I haven't had any lines, so my question is, when you all take OPKs, do you all usually see lines and then one that is darker at the surge, or do you all ever have "blank" ones and then suddenly get the + test? I'm just being a___lytical and worried that now that my thyroid is overactive that I won't ovulate, as that is one of the side effects!?!? Thanks!


preggo_momma - June 3

I have no idea what is wrong with my eye..but the eyedrops i got are joy i get to work tomorrow...bleh... And with the OPK's...hum...if i used pee that i had held for several hours i would get a faint line but if it was diluted pee there wouldnt be a line at all...altho this month is weird...had a +opk on cd12 and then today at cd17? I accidentally left the stick in the pee for like 30 mins before i remembered it was in there...maybe that is why i got another +?


redapplela__sie - June 4

another temping question? Does your temp gradually rise before the O or does it just shoot up after the O has occured? I realize everyone is different, but didn't know if there was a standard pattern? It might help if I could look at your charts? What are your chat addresses? Thanks!


tina2797 - June 4

hey red, about the BD situation, slip him an ambien in his wine when you have dinner. OR, you are going to have to be quiet pretty much. have you ever "spooned BD"? just an idea. about your OPK's, take your test in the afternoon, thats the best chance of getting your LH surge and wait 2 hours in between drinking things, you dont want it to be diluted. i hope i have helped you a little.


callie2008 - June 4

whats everyone opnion on taking unprescribed clomid or other fetility med? i seriously and considering it. and.......... where do i get them?


duckiesmom01 - June 4

Good morning ladies! I hope everyone is well...I am feeling a little better still a little tired and cramping a little too. I am on CD23 and so nervous! I am waiting until saturday which is the day AF is supposed to come, to test but the wait is unbearable! I don't think I can hold out!!!!!!!!!


redapplela__sie - June 4

Duckie-of course you can hold old...not much longer now!! :) Seriously, I agree, the waiting is a pain...but I've learned I like waiting better then seeing another BFN!!! Callie, sorry I know nothing about the unperscribed clomid. I have seen several theads on here of people who talk about it so I did a search once, seems there are differing opinions. I think I saw somewhere you have to order it, which makes since. My thought, it doesn't matter what others think (for those who are on these boards giving ladies a hard time about it) it's not anyone's business except yours and your partners. Of course I guess there could be some concern about you not being monitored, I don't know if there are any "Serious" side effects, can't imagine there are? Doesn't hurt to explore the idea further. Still a negative OPK! According to mymonthlycyle dot com, I should O on Saturday, so I guess I shouldn't expect one today, however I really thought looking at past cycles I should O on Friday so I kind of thought I'd get a + today! Hopefully tomorrow...I really really really hope my meds have not messed my Oing up!!!


preggo_momma - June 4 day has been so exciting that i forgot to temp this morning! Shawn got a new car! I finally have my own car back and all to my self...YAY! I havent used an opk today to see what it says. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens next week... I'm not having any signs of being pregnant or anything...who knows maybe af just wont show!!!


Krissy68 - June 4

redapple - I don't understand your questions. callie2008 - I have taken u/p clomid but the next time I do it I will be taking prescribe clomid which is the exact same brand as the u/p. Krissy68



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