You Know Your Own Body

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DonnaMale - October 9

I've been reading everyone's post about neg. pregnancy test and still feeling pregnant. My heart goes out to all of you because it's not easy wanting something so bad and not getting a positive answer. When I was pregnant with my first son, I began spotting and cramping. I was so devistated because I had already lost a baby. I went to my obgyn doctor and his told me I would probably start bleeding heavier in a few days and that I was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage. He told me to come back at the end of the week if I had not started bleeding heavier. (he was going to make plans for a d&c). I went back as instructed and sat in his office crying my eyes out because I felt pregnant even had the morning sickness. The doctor went as far as telling me the morning sickeness was in my head because I wanted to be pregnant so badly. I refused to set up an appointment for a d&c ...he had gotten back the results of my "quanta-teta-beta-HCG" and said the results showed that it had dropped and was definitley going to lose the baby. I explained over again how I was having morning sickness and knew I was still pregnant...I cried and begged so much in his office, that he agreed to repeat the test but prepared me to accept the worst. When I went back to his office a few days later, He cried just as hard as I did when he told me my results were fine and that the previous test results were someone elses.( someone had filed them in the wrong chart) Because I followed my heart, I now have a 19 year old son. To this day I tear up when I thinki of how close I came to losing him.


nikkiTTC - October 9

Hi Donna, I agree with you sometimes your body just knows better...Its the faith that you had in ureself and the baby to know something was not right...sometimes u have to go with your gut feeling and in this case u did and you were right.....thanks for sharing your story with dust to everyone and have faith that things always happens for the best....


k. - October 9

Wow, that's so scary, you never know do you.... A lot of women in your position wouldn't argue with the doc.. Good for you..


jprice0903 - October 9

wow, thats a miracle! :) It brought some tears to my eyes!


keerthy - October 9

OMG! good u didnt agree for a d&c.... thats really scary.... i mean gosh u were so close!!!!! this shows we must believe and try to know what our body says... thanks for sharing with us!!!!!! baby dust to all .....



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