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Ashley - August 26

im 17 years old, and dont know if im pregnant. i havent gotten my period, my br___ts have been hurting real bad, i pee about every 10 minutes, im constapated. i get this crampy feeling in my stomach as if im getting my peirod, but then it goes away and i do not get my period. my stomach has gotten a little bigger as i can tell ( unless im jus paranoid ) and my br___ts have gotten bigger. i wake up in the middle of the nights somtimes with the urge of puking, and almost doing it. i do not want to tell my parents, and all my friends are telling me if i am pregnant there MAKING me have an abortion, which i do not agree on. the "dad" ( if im pregnant ) wants nothing to do with me now. i have tooken 2 home pregnacy tests, and both came out negative...what do i do? i just paranoid?..whats going on?!?! please ive advice!!


d - August 26

Hi Ashley... when was your last period??


b - August 26

do what you want, do not listen to your friends, it is your choice, how late are you for you period, and when did you have s_x?


d - August 26

I agree with you b... Ashley your friends have no say in this...This is not some simple little problem that they can handle for you. If your pregnant of course you have to tell your parents and thats where your support should come from...but first things first..... last period and yes when did you have s_x?


Ashley - August 26

Thanks past period was last month sometime..i dont really keep track ..i should be, i had s_x with him about 3-4 weeks ago..


Lisa - August 26

Hi Ashley, I just read your post and it sounds all too familiar. I got pregnant when I was 17. The baby's father told me I was crazy and to leave him alone. I was terrified to tell my parents because they didnt have a clue what i was doing....I was so scared I had an abortion. It was the most agonizing thing i have ever done. I still think about it now, 17 years later. Now, about you--Two negative pregnancy tests are a great sign that you're not, but the other people who posted are right--we need some more info, like when was your last period and when did you and your boyfriend have s_x. Dont do anything you're not comfortable with. I'm sure i will make some people mad when i say this, but i have to---having an abortion will end the pregnancy but the feelings will never go away, trust me. It's ultimately your decision, dont be bullied .Just get informed. If you need someone to talk to I am here. Seriously--just because if you are pregnant, I was in the exact same situation. Also, I was adopted (my birth mother was only 15 when she got pregnant) and now we have found each other and are friends. I completely wish I had the chance to know my child. Hope i didnt offend anyone but this is just close to my heart. God Bless you!!


Ashley - August 26

Hi Lisa...thanks for scared and i dont know what to do..i have all the signs...i took the last pregnacy test like a week making a doctors appointment to get checked out and all that...but im really dumb and have been drinking and smoking and stuff still...deep down inside i think im pregnant..i kno i am...but the tests came out neg. so i decided i could still do whatever i wanted...if you have like a email or something so i could talk to u more, it would be great!!


Lisa - August 27

Hi Ashley, Sounds more and more like what happened to me.(i was also drinking and smoking recklessly...) I do care, so email me whenever you want advice or just to talk about this. [email protected]


b - August 27

i read on another post that alcholol will not effect the fetus until 2 weeks after implantation, so stop now, just incase, it sounds to me like you could have been testing too early. although it is hard to say since we dont know when your last period was. good luck at the doctor and remember that this is your decision Not your friends, and that parents are more forgiving (most of the time) than you would think. when at the doctor if he/she gives you a pee test and it comes out negative, ask him/her for a bloodtest that is more accurate.


Grandpa Viv - August 27

Ashley, sorry to hear about your panic. You are not being paranoid. A home test just may give a positive 2 weeks after having s_x, but 3 weeks and even 4 is more like it. Try again tomorrow morning first pee when you wake, and use the dip method. Visit for more. Good luck!


Ashley - August 28

its kinda weird because i got my period 2 days ago and first it was like its kinda normal, but its REALLY heavy.....but i still have the symtoms of being pregnant:S.....


bean - August 28

Ashley - if you've gotten your period, then you're definitely not pregnant. Symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to pms symptoms - more tired, sore bbs, not wanting to eat or eating too much, etc. At your age your periods are still regulating themselves and will continue to be weird - heavy one month, not so much the next, etc. It may be a good idea to see your dct and try to get a perscription for birth control, just so you don't have to go through this again. And please, always practice safe s_x!


Alanice - August 28

You should go take a urine test @ a clinic and make sure a/s/a/p


Lisa - August 28

Hi Ashley, I'm glad you got your period. You should get checked out by the dr./clinic (wherever you go) just to make sure everything is okay. I agree with Bean, sometimes pms symptoms are the same as early pregnancy. Maybe you had a miscarriage (not saying that to upset you) but I'd guess not since you did have the negative home tests. I'm sure a dr. or nurse could help you out much more than me! Ashley, me and my friends have been praying for you over the last few days. I'm glad you're okay. Be safe! God loves you and wants what's best for you--


to ashley - August 29

i have been following ur posts and glad to hear ur not pregnant. I hope u r more careful in future after this experience. that one little fumble could have resulted in a little helpless baby and the next 18 years of your life zapped away i really do wish u the best and enjoy just being young


Jamie - August 29

Go to a clinic ASPAP if you cant get there, go to the school nurse. But you need to get medical advice. If you are pregnant there are things you need to be doing,and so on. I think you should tell your parents if you do not belive in abortion. Its not going to do you or your un born child any good, to do nothing. Your parents are going to find out if your pregnant so why not get it over with and get there help?? But my main concern is you...There are 100's of things that could be going on...get medical help, and please keep us up-dated!!


Ashley - August 31

....My period stopped for like a day then came back and now its like gone again...its just weird because im not on any birth control, and my periods have ALWAYS been regular and never missed or anything..and its kinda dumb beacuse i told the "guy" and now he kinda thinks i am because he is all paranoid and stuff and im like, i dunno forsure, i gotta go to the doctors and stuff, and he still thinks i am, and he told like everyone thinks i am if it turns out that im not or something everyones gunna think i had a abortion or something..i friend thikns i maybe have had a misscarrige beacuse she had one, and all the same stuff thats happening to me, happened to her....did i have one?...wouldnt i kno more if i actaully had one? nothing has came out?......



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