Your Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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CeCe79 - May 7

Hi All! My fiancé and I have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months now, and my period is due in 6 days. I have felt pretty c__ppy the last week or so, including being a constant cramping in my lower abdomen like my period is due any second. I also had a brownish discharge for several days and some nipple discomfort. I don’t usually have symptoms before my period starts, so the week long cramps really got me thinking I might be pregnant. Would you all share your advice or stories as to what you felt (if anything) before you found out you were pregnant? All information is appreciated! *Thanks*


krissy2006 - May 7

My experience is that in all the 10 months I tried to get pregnant I had EVERY SYMPTOM in the book. The month I actually fell pregnant I had no symptoms except some minor bloating, a bit of very mild cramping and a very sore throat that lasted a day. (this was odd for me because my sore throats always last a min. of 5 days and always end in laryngitus) Sadly I m/c'd that pregnancy but fell pregnant again immediately the next month with the exact symptoms, one day of sore throat and all. GL to you!


clindholm - May 8

Increased appet_te for sure. Also, I had af cramps for a week , which is typical for me. Af never showed and I got my bfp. Good luck ttc!


summerlove - May 8

With my first (son) I had no symptoms whatsoever, only a delayed period. With my second (daughter) I had sore b___sts, which I usually had but stronger, menstrual discomfort and a missed period. I had the menstrual discomfort for about a month after. With both pregnancies I had food aversions after finding out I was pregnant, I couldn't eat certain foods. With my son I'd get MS sometimes in the morning and sometimes at dinner, I got it a little worst with my daughter but nothing to complain about. Good Luck!


summerlove - May 8

Also, I didn't have any dicharge, spotting.... only after having a pap smear at my first appointment, I had light pink spotting.


babydust25 - May 8

hi CeCe.. I am in a very similar af is due anywhere between 2-7 days from now and have been feeling awful...i have the same cramping in my lower abdomen, and extreme nausea during breakfast and after I get in the late evenings. also some headaches but absolutely no soreness in b___sts or nipples like I usually have before af....I have thought i've been pg before and had cramping and things like that but never ever had nausea before i hardly ever get an upset stomach. I really want to test but it might still be too early i just think that if these symptoms are really caused by being pg it seems like a test would work by now.... when are you planning on testing CeCe??


JustaMother - May 8

Me and my husband wre trying to get pregnant and I though I couldn't. Now I normally get symptoms before my period so I figured its just another period. What was just another period was actually impantation bleeding I had no idea I was pregnant. I had taken three tests and they all said negative. I only found out that I was when I made a doctors for a pain in my side where my appedix scar is. My doctor said it was due to the stretching of my scar tissue because I'm pregnant. The only thing that may have given me a clue was I was really tierd!! I'd fall asleep at work , went to sleep as soon as I got home and had trouble getting up in the morning.


mjvdec01 - May 8

With my first I was extremely tired before I got my BFP. With my second I noticed more symptoms, probably because I knew what to look for. I was tired, wanted to sleep all the time. My face broke out, which never happens. I had very pronounced blue and green veins showing in my b___bs (especially a couple on my areolas that I recognized from my first pregnancy), low abdomen, hips and upper thighs. The veins were the "give-away" for me. I had diarrhea bad the day before my BFP, and slight cramping as well. Good luck to you!


CeCe79 - May 8

I would like to test right away of course, but I keep talking myself down. I'm going to TRY to wait until Monday since that is the day before AF should arrive. I will keep you posted if I cave! Thank you for all the responses ladies!!! Very much appreciated!


Krissy68 - May 8

CeCe79 - me and you are cd buddies. I am suppose to get AF on monday as well. I did test on tuesday and got 2 faint pos but wed and today i got neg but I am feeling sympton that I could be pg but not sure. I'm not going to test anymore until monday. I hope I can hold out. Krissy68


BeckyBunny - May 9

Like Krissy, all the long months I spent TTC and obsessing...I always had tons of symptoms prior to testing, before expecting AF to come. I have had 4 pregnancies, 3 of them lost. 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies (including this one, I'm 17w6d now) I was surprised by the BFP. I did not obsess, I did not expect it, I had little to no symptoms until AFTER my BFP. The one where I DID have tons of symptoms for real before I got the BFP wound up being a chemical. Faint lines, then gone. This time in particular (since it's the freshest in my mind) I was GASSY! But...that sometimes was also just a PMS thing. I also had sensitive nipples...which, again, was sometimes just a PMS thing. I wound up testing actually because usually for me sensitive nipples and spotting started at the same time and lasted 2-3 days before AF...after having sensitive nipples for 5 days and no spotting at all, I figured I should see if something was up.18DPO, BFP. LOL! a couple days after the BFP I started to have the AF like cramps, the fatigue, a new symptom every couple of days, nausea kicked in about a week later, along with being really insanely thirsty all the time. So...everyone is different! but in my experience, most of the symptoms don't kick in until at least a few days after the positive test. Good luck!!! Tons and tons of baby dust. =)



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