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sdeek - March 31

Okay, well . It all started when I woke up one morning feeling tired, and exchausted, so i went back to sleep until 12, and woke up and didnt even get out of bed and i was yet again tired, so i went back to sleep until 3,so on, then I woke up a few days later feeling bloated, and like I gained weight over night, the day before I meantioned that my breats felt allot/and looked allot bigger then normal, and my boyfriend agreed. I delt with it for a few days then went to the doctor on a saturday , and she took a test, and told me it wasnt accurate, and she was going to send it to the labs, but then i started getting headaches allot, and no appit_te for food, AT ALL. very nauseated ALL the time, the cramps/pressure in my lower abdominal area were aching so bad that I couldn't even sleep one night, I slept an hour in two days. Today the cramps in my lower abdominal are finally gone, for the past week ive been drinking water non stop , im dehydrated, like crazy, today I feel like i need food in my mouth every second, because im STARVING, and craving all kinds of goodies, but when I look in the fridge, nothing appeals to me . my lower back SOMETIMES hurts, but not really maybe a certain movement will set it off. I had a nap today when I got home from school and felt sick when i woke up , like a headcold, but then it went back to normal and i feel groggy and hungry . tired,tired, i feel stressed now, and tired, and sick, and vomitey but i dont vomit, just ah . anyone know!?


krissy2006 - March 31

Sounds like sleep deprivation/insomnia mixed with maybe a gastrointestinal issue? Did the lab results come back inconclusive? Have you taken a test? Have you had a period? Your symptoms sound good however there could be literally dozens of other reasons for what you are feeling. When was your last period? When did u have unprotected s_x? Also the extreme thirst/dehydration sounds like an iron deficiency if not something a bit more drastic like possibly the onset of diabetes (not to worry you, just a suggestion/option) Without a bit more info its difficult to tell you.


sdeek - March 31

my last period wa__ss, a week/two ago . and i had unprotected s_x before my period, and during.. the end. but when my period came it was ALLOT different then normal, it was allot heavier and darker, i take multivitimins everyday so , im not sure.


krissy2006 - April 1

If it was heavier than normal I would definitely not suggest you are pregnant. If it was lighter or shorter in duration I might make the speculation of pregnancy but a heavier period is not usually followed by pregnancy. Did it have clots? GL to you...


sdeek - April 1

also, i noticed today however, a huge taste increase, like example grapes tastes so much better, and i had crackers with peanutb___ter, but the crackers seemed so much mroe saltyier then normal ?


lnjackson0297 - April 1

take a test



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