Yucky Water

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l - April 1

Hey guys. For the past year or so I have been srinking on average 3 bottles of water a day and since the other day, I can't stand to drink it n e more. I have to force myself to have like a few sips here and there when my mouth is dry. I know this may happen with food or smells ppl once liked, but how bout this? N e one? It also happened with sweet potatoes. I used to gt them at least once a week from Boston Market and now I cant even have them on the same plate as me... but the water thing stands out to me cause for one its favorless, yet I cant drink it...


Lyla - April 1

That same thing happened with me. Water seems to leave a funky after taste that I can't stand. My doctor advised that I should try a hint of lemon to tinge the taste. Its a good thing that I have been craving sourness. Anyhow I think you should probuly ask your doc, on diffrent methods becasue drinking water is important.


l - April 2

Yea...it's not so much the after taste...its even the thought of drinking it...I know drinking water is important so I will try the lemon thing. Do u think that this can b the reason I am not sleeping at night...dehydration? Is this heard of?


Lyla - April 2

Trust me you do not want to fall into dehydration at all. With my first pregnancy I had severe morning sickness which made me puke alot. Well after a routine pregnancy check-up, my doc sent a referral for me to the emergency room. I was very dehydrated and I had to lay in the hospital for 9 hours with an IV running liquids into my veins. you need to find out if you are preggers and consult your doc about other methods that can help you get the water down. Good Luck and Baby dust!!!!!


l...To Layla - April 3

Hi Lynn...thanks for your advice...well I got myself into drinking it again, however its not like it used to be. I am not a big fan of it and if I drink to much it gives me a stomach ache---but I am getting there....


Lyla - April 3

Im glad to hear that, it does take awhile. Any progress is good though!


Becky - April 4

I am totally fine with water normally. My friend will go out of her way to buy a certain brand of bottled water...but normally water is water to me. But in the past few days I've noticed a change. There were a few restaurants were I was like "eww...this tastes funky" (and I put lemon in it at one). My friends just stared at me jaw dropped and then gave each other a "look" (they know that I might be preggo). And now here at work today I am drinking the water from the cooler and it's... odd tasting to me. Then again, I do have a funky (metalic???) taste in my mouth already...



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