Zero Breast Tenderness With Confirmed Term Pregnancy

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puppylover - July 21

Hello! I would like a reply from those who are either in their second trimester with healthy pregnancies (or further along, even mothers who have delivered) to know if anyone had zero br___t changes in their early pregnancies and yet went on to have a healthy pregnancy? I am 4w5d pregnant through IVF and still have had no br___t change whatsoever. Thank you!


filly06 - July 22

I have had some friends who developed really big in the latter half of their first trimester. But I had NO change until right before I had my daughter and they only got maybe a little bigger. Congrats to you! :)


clindholm - July 22

Breast tenderness went away in the second trimester for me both times and according to my doctor, that is normal. It's typically worst in the first trimester. I wouldn't worry.


lillybug - July 22

Hey puppylove ~~~ All women are different and some experience b___st tenderness and some never do. With my mother's first pregnancy she never had symptoms and her b___st never changed. Then with her second pregnancy she had all the symptoms. Also, it is said that many times symptoms don't appear until your in your 6-8th week


momtoaandk - July 23

I dont remember my bbs hurting at all with my 2 kids, my nips were a bit sore with my second babe, but I only noticed that because i was still b___stfeeding my first babe!


puppylover - July 24

Thank you, all! This has been so helpful during these stressful days of not knowing. Well, we had our first and second beta, first HcG was 258 and second was 1281, so they say that's really good! Something must be going on down there! I'll post if I miscarry, just so if someone else goes through the same thing as I did, they can know what happened to me. Thanks again! (Still zero symptoms, nothing whatsoever, and I'm 5w1day!)



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