Zits Anyone

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Lynn - March 21

I have been seriously breaking out just in the past 2 days or so.. all along my hairline, chin, neck, not any really big pimples, but lots of little zits.... due for af 3/22 but my pms breakout usually happens 10 days before..... anyone else have this symptoms?


Lulu - March 21

I've been breaking out too. I'm 7 days past af now but ive been getting them along my neck mostly. I also get breakouts around starting af (aunt flo) but since im late im wondering if its a PG sign too.


Cindy - March 21

yes I am too.. on my face.. its almost like a red rash tho with clear filled bumps..and I am two weeks late today =(


Erin - March 21

For some reason this past month I have been breaking out on the ends of my shoulders and back. I don't know if I am pregnant, but this is unusual.


Denise - March 21

I am 4 weeks pregnant just went to the doctors to get it confirmed today and I am having some breakout problems along my chin line and my forehead. I would take a pregnancy test they havent been wrong for me in the past. Good luck


Danielle - March 21

I am now one day late. Just a few days ago, my forehead, chin, and hairline all broke out in pimples. I almost always have very clear skin. We have been trying to get pregnant. I stopped birth control 2 months ago and thought that this may be the reason for the breakout due to the change in the synthetic hormone.


Sarah - March 21

Yes! The red rash thing that Cindy was talking about! It didn't even look like pimples to me, just very small red dots that resembled a rash. I could not figure out what it was.


Dina - March 21

If you do have breakouts during the time of your a/f it is most likely to show up on your chin. This is the most hormonal spot on your face. Also I read that your skin while you are pegnant is much worse than any other time. Good luck to all of you ladies! I too am one day late and hoping to be pregnant after having a m/c in January.


Kerry - March 22

I am 2 days late and have got loads along my forehead, chin and nose, and I found it really weird but I took a hpt this morning and it was negative. Very Confused Now


Lynn` - March 22

AF is due today & I took a hpt this morning and got+++++++++++ that would explain the breakouts!


Kerry - March 22

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope the same happens for me soon!


tay - March 22

congrats on the bfp!!!! WAY TO GO!!!



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