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Dana - December 14

Ok, I know I am really reaching now but I am really holding on to my last hopes of thinking I am pregant. I don't know if you guys have read any of my other posts "Hate the waiting game" was one of them....but just wandering if you know the medical answer to this question......If you have cysts on your ovaries, do you have a higher chance of spotting during pregancy? They (cysts) come and go pretty often for me...I was just wandering? Either I am pregnant or just plain crazy at this point. If nothing else, I will become more aware of pregnancy at some point in my life from reading all of your posts! (Tears....damn Aunt Flo!!!) Any advice on this subject??


Christine - December 14

I dont believe so..but medically..well I'm not a doctor and have never reviewed this...I did have a large cyst removed from my ovary almost 3 months ago at 3 months pregnant...most of the research I did on this was related to that...and actually most of what I read is that cysts on your ovaries keep your AF from coming...Sorry to hear about AF...keep trying though...if its just spotting your recieving, that does seem to be common during pregnancy for many reasons...hope this helped...good luck


Dana - December 14

Thanks Christine! Honestly, I don't know what is going on with my body. I wish there was a gla__s window to the inside so we could see whats going on! Af never came, just light spotting yesterday, this morning, and nothing at all now. If you want to even call it spotting, there was soo very little. I am just cramping like crazy in my pelvic region. It feels more like the discomfort/pressure that you get down there when you have af, but for me No Af. My cysts, which I am not sure I have any right now, have never caused af to no show. And I usually have af for 2 days before my cramps start. I am as dry as a desert in that area right now sorry, I know, tmi:) I did think I was pregnant but now I am way confused why there is discomfort [email protected]? I just know that I am going to call the Dr. by Thursday if no af and still discomfort to try and figure what is going on????


Christine - December 15

Thats a good idea...and ask for a blood test...the spotting that your having could still mean you are pregnant...many woman get it during the first trimester...the discomfort/pressure also considered cramping is also very normal either way...I thought for sure my period was coming...and was not trying so was thinking nothing of pregnancy..I just kept thinking well its going to start anytime now...it didnt..lol...I think your best solution is going for a blood test..and have them send you for a sonogram in a few weeks...that way they can look for a sac as well as for any cysts that could be being a pain...It is normal for cysts to come and go within a cycle...most woman never know they have them unless they are causing pain...good luck and let me know how everything goes.



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