Zuly Please Answer

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kacey - December 6

my last NORMAL period was 24th august i had bleeding and cramps from 14th-16th october and i haven't had anything since except brown spotting everyday i keep taking cheap pregnancy tests and some have a faint positive and if i take another straight after it's negative i have been to the doctors and she said she couldn't feel anything(she only felt my tummy)she is also sending me for a hcg blood test b/c she thinks that i might be but i have taken another cheap pregnancy test today and it's still negative what is wrong with me the brown spotting is very watery you can only see a bit of brown please help i don't have any pain or anything so i really don't know what is wrong with me.


anybody please - December 6



Zuly - December 6

If you had a faint positive that mean you are pregnant .Spotting also happenes in early pregnancy.Did the Dr take a blood test?


maria - December 6

no she said i had to have a blood hcg test on friday but i am worried about this watery brown discharge the last time i went to the doctors he examed me and said something about my uterus and now s_x is very painful to i wish i knew what was wrong a another doctor said that i must be further pregnant then i thought that is why the test say negative another said my uterus is swelling or something and the last doctor felt my stomach and said that she couldn't feel anything so i really don't know


zuly - December 6

It could also be a cyst. If it is not pregnancy.


kacey - December 6

do cyst stop your periods


zuly - December 6

Yes some time they do like I have a cyst and mine had stop for a month I had all the pg symptoms and every thing. but one thing that made me think was the cramps after my period.its been weeks now and I have the cramps every day. when I went to the hospital they told me I was and I wasn't I did know what to think and then they came back and told me all the pg test were neg and I had a cyst the pain was do to the cyst.



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