13 And Pregnant What About My Parents

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Abigail - November 16

i am thirteen and pregnant.I woud never get an aborsion because that is just killing a humans life but, my parents and my babies father don't knowand i don't care bout the parents just the boyfriend or father


Audrey - November 16

How far along are you? You will have to speak to the child's father and your parents eventually. There's a book out there that you might look at called "Mom, I'm Pregnant" by Reni L. Witt. ISBN: 0-8128-6173-6 / 0812861736 If abortion is out, then think about giving up the child for adoption. There are many women out there who are trying to have children but for some reason can not. You do have options. Best of luck!


Jessica - November 27

You're right... abortion is not the answer. You should DEFINATELY think about abortion because you still have highschool to finish. I'm sure there's a loving family out there that would love to have a baby, but for some reason can't. Talk to your parents!


Jessica - November 27

sorry... I meant that you should definately think about ADOPTION. ABORTION IS NOT THE ANSWER!


nicola - December 17

iam pregnant and i told the father he was ok its the parents u need to worry about u dont wont an aborsion but ur underage they can make u tell them babe and tell them u wont to keep its not killing a human its not anything yet dont worry u will b fine babe look after uself and b carefull next time x x x x x x x x x x x x


kirsti - January 19

you have to tell someone incase of an emergancie and morning sickness will make it ovious. your boyfriend deserves to no and you cant go through it alone. no worrys!


amber marie - February 17

this is what i think i think that u have not have had s_x at a young age and if where to have s_x you should have use protection. also knowing that your pregnant u have to tell someone cause what if u get hurt and u arent gonna be able to hid it forever cause of the fact that u go to school and kids are goin see also at the age of 13 u really need to tell someone cause ur not goona be able to take care of that baby on your own this is how i feel and think


MELISSA - February 18

Abigail, the best advise is just tell all of them. Don't worry about their reactions or wants. This is not about them anymore, this is about you and what you want. Your parents however, will be able to give you advise and guidance. They love you and will help you to decide whats right. GOOD LUCK!


abigail - February 18

talk to your parents before you think of anything i am sure they will be disappointed but they will still love you and you need prenatal care. Adoption is an option think about it or keep the baby have you ever eatched the lifetime movie 15 and pregnant well i now girls who that was


Stephanie - February 21

Hey, I'm 13 and I WANT to have a baby. I'm scared of what my parents will think but i don't want to be an old mom. I really want to have my own chil so we can have fun together, i just feel that life is too short after losing my grandfather a few weeks ago. so i want to have a baby of my own to love and care for. I think everyone should respect that.


maya - February 21

this is for stephanie if you would like to talk or have any questions or need a friend then i'm here for you i'm 2 years younger than you but i can be very helpful


Shay - February 23

i understand where your coming from because i have the same problem the only difference is that I'm 16 and my man knows. The only advice i have for you is to tell your man and ask him if he feels he's ready after you get his answer use consequencial thinking. Get a piece of paper and write all your thoughts and feeling really think hard because you dont want to make a decision you'll later regret. Yo e-mail me back cuz i can also use your advice. DATredrocknchik@aol.com


m - February 24

I understand how you girls feel about wanting a baby. There are so many different ways to fulfilling your day than getting pregnant at 13. Join a sport club, play tennis, or basketball, join a swimming team. READ books. Girls you have NO idea how much life you are giving up yourselves. That is NOT to be meant in a cruel way, but you HAVE so much to experience. The boyfriends you could make, the friendships, the things you can only do when not permanently attached, like TRAVEL, get higher education. PLEASE think about it first. Attain all you can for your own dreams so you can provide for your baby WELL *later in life, with a husband, in your own home. Establish yourself. Figure out who you are. I'm 24, and I have yet to figure out what I want to do. Believe me, the world stretches beyond your neighborhood.


haley - February 26

ummmm lets see my be u could have ur mom watch they baby if ur mom does not work and if u want to keep the baby and give it up i think any way the baby will be fine!


haley - February 26

maya they i'm ur age where u live? r u pregnant? i am its so hard to be 11 and preggnant and have all those kids staring at u and their like y is she having a baby it's so hard i'm 7 and a hallf months along and i look like i have a BIG watermeon in my shirt i'm having twins! i didn't no when i was first pregnant it just like i was getting fatter and fatter and my mom was like u need 2 c a doc. so i did and i was pregnant my mom fliped she was 13 when she had me she yelling that no 24 year old has 2 think about their kid having a kid but she calmed down and said i could have the baby and did u no that youngest person 2 have a baby was 5! well i'm gone a keep on posting if u want 2 email me i'm a docdoggie4u@netscape.net and i want 2 hear form people i have no friends my age i'm in 5th grade and its so so so so hard i mine like they make fun of u and talk behind ur back and u like can't use the stairs and when u go 2 sit down during gym the teacher gives u like the worlds worst stare and i hate it all the kids look at u and my mom can't get into a school for pregnant kids because u have 2 b in middle school of higher well got 2 go bye


Harmony - February 28

God I can't believe all of you are so young 13 and 16 year olds. I'm 20 and I recently found out that I'm 10 wks. And I was shocked. You need to take it slow. You have your whole lives ahead of you. ABORTION IS WRONG!!! That baby inside of you is something by six weeks it has a heartbeat and it has its own blood type. If your not ready to be a mother give it to a childless couple. There are so many people out there that can't have kids. They would be blessed and it would be the most UNSELFISH thing you could do. Your in my heart all of you.


Audrey - February 28

Haley- If you are 7 months along, I hope that you are being closely looked after by a doctor. Your body has not finished developing and having a baby so young can be dangerous for you. If you know who the baby's father is, I'd suggest tracking him down, because he has to take some responsibility too. Best of luck.



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