13 And Pregnant What About My Parents

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hollyj - July 13

To all you YOUNG girls who are pregnant at ages 12 and 13, what in the hell are you thinking! A baby isn't something you just have because you think you look "cool" or cuz it will be fun! The fact that you are even having s_x (and unprotected) at that age makes me sick to my stomach. You girls aren't even old enough to make your own decsions for yourself how do you think you can be responsible for a child emotionally and financially. And if you think that a 13, 14 or 15 year old boy is gonna stick around you have another thing coming! They might stick around for a while but the novelty will wear off very quickly, they will move on and you will be left at home with a crying baby changing poopy dipers while hes out living his life. Not so cool now, huh? And if you are scared to tell your parents you should be. If your parents aren't mad I would say that their parenting skills leave something to be desired. You girls need to be kids not rasing one. You need to finish school, get an education, live life. Not be stuck at home taking care of a baby while your friends are out having the time of their life. Im not talking out of my a__s here, I know, I was 19 when I had my daughter and I was hard as hell it still is and im 26. I hope you make the right choices and be careful, a baby is not something you can take back when fun time is over


slowpoke01 - July 22

ok for 1 if you kids are too scared to tell your parents that you may be pregnant then you are too young to be having kids. your parents will find out sooner or later and it will be worse if they find out from someone else. for 2 you are young enjoy your life and dont have a baby until you are grown. you have your whole lives ahead of you and it is gonna be hard. most of you will lose your friends when they find out that you are pregnant because what kid wants to hang out with a pregnant girl. also none of the boys will want to date you because they will think that you are hoes. i am not trying to be mean but you kids are way too young to even be having s_x. i also know that you are gonna do what you wnat to do no matter what anyone else says to you. if you girls are getting pregnant because your boyfriends want you to then that is stupid because most of these boys wont even stick around long enough for you to give birth. think about what you are all doing. you need to go to school and get an education before you start having a family. at least with an education if the dad skips out on you then you will be able to raise the child yourself without having to get on welfare and have hard working tax payers pay to raise your child. most of you kids arent even old enough to get a job so how do you plan to buy food and diapers for your child? it is not right for you to expect your parents or welfare to pay for them. think about what you are doing because you are going to lose what social life you have left and you will be alone with nobody but your parents.


heretohelp - September 8

Hi, I am nearly 14. I think you should keep the baby and tell your parents before its too late. I know it isn't an easy situation. If things went wrong there are places you and your baby can stay or I wouldn't mind looking aftre your baby if you wanted that and then you could visit whenever you want to. Please email me at samantha.catherine@hotmail.co.uk. Love sam


Zinnia - September 8

Hey out there, did you see the date on this post!?!?! It's almost 2 years old. Anyway, I think heretohelp's response was touching, maybe her offer still stands to anyone else who needs someone to adopt their child. You could even "visit anytime you want."


indymommy - October 2

I agree You should think about adoption.So many women who cant have babies want to adopt so bad.You would be doing a great and brave thing for a family.That baby would be very grateful.My family is one who wants to adopt.If you need someone to talk to just to talk no pressuring or anything please email me noterdamelady@yahoo.com


Franny - October 2

Indymommy, If you would notice this post is TWO YEARS old. A lot of threads on here were started years ago. I look at the date before I respond to something like this. I would think its safe to a__sume that Abigail is long gone...


emma walker - October 21

i had s_x on the 13th oct 2006, i dont know when my period is due. im having very sore b___sts


tyler0323 - October 24

do you know when your last period was? But lets say you ovulated on the 13th, your period would be due (in a perfect situation) 2 weeks after that. so i say any time around halloween you can test. gl


marigallion - October 24

Yes, PLEASE talk to your parents about this. I KNOW that if I had a grandchild on the way, I would NOT be hoping to see my grandchild being put up for adoption!!!!!!


Santa - February 2

Well you shouldn't be pregnant or having s_x at 13. But you did and now you don't get any presents for Christmas just dirty diapers! FAQ from Santa Clause


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 22

you really need to talk to your parents and the babies father no one can make you have an abortion it's your choice what you do with your child. good luck hunni, take care xxxx


Bryony - May 2

I, myself at one stage was pregnant, i found it extremely hard to tell the father and i knew the person he as curently dating i told her first (BTW she's my sister, he didn't know), me and my sister didn't fight about this i had her tell the father as to the fact i was horrified as to hat his re-action mightve been. i told my mother whom is against abortion as am i. but my sister pionted out these three factors. i was 14, single, and the dad does not want to be a dady. so we all agreed to one thing.well i didn't agree. the dad voted abortion so did my sister, i voted adoption. my sister aloud me to some what change my mind. but now, now i regret the dision of abortion, and so does the father both me and him are now back together as to the fact him dating my sister was an accident formed by a freind of ours. turns out he'd never planned on dating my sister he wanted to go back with me though it was he himself whom broke it off. ;/ but my advice would be adoption or keeping it, never go for abortion you'll regret it later.


teekay13 - May 3

im planning on being prego nnot a good thing but i like kids


loriandbaby - October 10

Don't get pregnant just because you like kids. There's a HUGE difference between having fun with someone's little kid, and having to take care of your own. No more giving the baby back to mom if it cries or poops it's pants. You have to get up every couple hours at night to feed it. It's stressful, tiring, and takes tons of energy. Getting pregnant is not a decision to take lightly. That's all I can say...


marymerry - November 22

you need to get some support. you have to tell them eventually. DO IT NOW. you will need prenatal care and even though everyone is going to be shocked and hurt it is better to face it head on. You have taken steps to act like an adult now you must grow up and be an adult. you may be shocked at the love and support that you have around you. GOD BLESS


JC3 - February 13

My husband & I would love to adopt another child...We have been blessed with an adopted son who is about to turn 1 and I am sure he would love a brother/sister(s). I am a stay at home mother, we live in VA, we are Caucasian (if that matters)...I am 28 & my husband 32. We have a wonderful family life & plenty of room to expand our family more. If anyone is choosing adoption for their child & would be interested in us as the adoptive parents, we would be more than thrilled tp hear from you. You can email us at jadecoleman42 at yahoo . com



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