13 And Pregnant What About My Parents

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Mari - April 18

It should be your parents and NOT the boyfriend you're worrying about....at this time in your life your famly should be your backbone and strength to face a tough situation, most boyfriends dont have the b___s to provide you with the strength so dont find ASSURANCE in a man.... if anything find your strength within your child nad then make the decisions that are best for not only YOU but the BABY, everyone else will matter third, fourth even last.


Kalli - April 20

I need help im 14 and i want a abortion and i dont want my parents to know


joe - April 26

when not have another go around the block if your stupid enought to be in this posision


Shalysa - April 29

I am 13 and pregnant and i have no idea how to tell my parents...only my friends and boyfriend/babys father know and i have no idea if i am or not..i am getting a test tomorrow..but still i feel i am..and worried that my parents will freak out and i wont be able to see my boyfriend/babys father..


Grandpa Viv - April 29

Shalysa, good luck with the pregnancy test. At least you have figured out how to take that step, which is a problem for some. Your family is going to have to take a major role in caring for and paying for a new member of the family. It is only fair that you tell them as soon as you are sure. Just announce a family conference, sit everyone down, and tell them the good news/bad news. They are going to be grandparents, you are going to have a baby. Mail me at [email protected] if you want to chat about it.


Yolanda - May 4

I understand what you are feeling.I got pregnant at the age of fourteen.I knew I had to tell my boyfriend, and I did he was scared at first, your boyfriend will freak out too,of course.He will soon come around and learn to love the child.You will soon realize that you will have to tell your parents,because you need their help and support.They might be dissappointed at first,but remember everything happens for a reason.Just make sure your baby live a good life and provide the best for it.I am making sure my son has no worries.Just remember God is with you always.


Adrianna - May 6

Anyone who is very young and pregnant will have to tell their parents eventually, unless your parents are abusive or neglectful, in which case you will have to first get out of that situation by telling someone about it (teacher, trusted relative or nurse...). Unless your parents (or some other relative) are very supportive, you will probably need to concider abortion or adoption. Abortion is a terrible thing to go through, but if you are in a very bad situation it might be necessary. Consider adoption first... having the baby and giving it to a couple who can't have their own would be a beautiful gift and would make this bad thing for you into a very good thing for the baby and its adopted parents. God Bless.


Anna - May 15

Okay the first thing you do is tell your partner. take him somewhere where its nice and quiet. explain to him and make sure he understand.Then you and ur boyfriend go to your house and explain to mom and dad.


antoinae - May 15

you know what ablgail hi ive had a cousin in that situation she was so scared that she was wanting an abortion just so her father can be pleased but you know what her father had siad aint no daught of mine getting an abortion and you know wat she had twins and married and things are going jus find with her and she said it wasnt easy neither


kelly - May 19

hey don't commit abortion I totally agree with u on that one , talk to someone u trust an school consuler and a friend that will understand. Then u have no choice but to tell your mom but Once your mom gets over being mad then Im sure she will be excited


kelly - May 19

Hey haley wow Im 11 BUT SO NOT PREGNANT I can't believe that u are pregant and your mom got pregnant at 13! Why the heck did u have s_x at 11! Was the guy 11 to?


KELLY - May 19

holy c___p jane your 9 AND PREGNANT THAT IS GROSE U HAD s_x AT 9 HOLY CRAP


kristen - May 22

i am going to have a baby and i dont no what to do i am 13 and i live with my gram my dad hates me and me and my mom dont get along. my b/f dont no and i need some one to talk to .. i want to no if they can make me give it up if i dont want to ...cuz i want to keep it i did this to myself i am going to take care of it and do anything i can ..talk to me


kristen - May 22

well i think you are going to have to tell you b/f and mom and dad some day just like me ...and if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me at [email protected]


Em age :11 - May 28

i agree, maaybe abortion is the answer.(don't shoot me) i DON'T understand-why have s_x so early in life? let alone not use protection. Jazmine and Haley and Jane. Why the hell were u having s_x at this age. I'm eleven and i am detirmed not to have s_x untill i'm married at 25 or 26. I'm sure i don't want to ruin my life or chances by having a teen (or preteen?) pregnancy. It's your own dam stupid fault if u r.


April - May 28

Em... I'd just like to say good for you for vowing to abstain from s_x till you're married... you're very smart and you should definitely be proud of yourself!! Just be sure to keep that mindset :) I also want to say though, that abortion is never the answer... In a situation like this one though, adoption might be. If someone thinks they're mature enough to have s_x, they should be mature enough to handle the responsibilities. That includes carrying the baby for 9 months... even if you're just going to give it away.



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