15 Weeks Preg And Still Haven T Heard From The Daddy

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Bilmes123 - June 20

I am 15 weeks today and I haven't heard from my baby's father in about almost 3 months. We dated for a month and knew eachother a bit before that ( we worked together ) I told him I went to the doctor and they took a blood test and he was concerned and said that I should stay positive and that he will be there for me...little did he know that that test will say that I am pregnant....well I told him the results...we were talking over instant messenger and I wanted to tell him in person but he suggested that I text him what the results were because he really wanted to know because he was worried. I told him and the only response I got was..." are you on birthcontrol" ....uh yea I was but my it was messing with my body and it obviously wasn't working. Things were great up until I told him I was pregnant. Well after that he quit his job and I only heard from him a few times after that. I know he is scared because his parents are ultra strict ( were both 21 and he is chinese ) now all of my asian friends say that his parents will prob disown him and or worse and the fact that I am white makes it hard...But his ex gf of 3 years was white so I'm sure his parents wouldn't have that big of an issue. I honestly care about him..and everyone can see that. I worry about him because the last time I talked to him he was stressed and wasn't eating right or getting enough sleep. I have tried sending him messages on facebook ( non harassing ones, just asking how he was and how I was doing ) I think I will try again when I find out the s_x of the baby and get the ultrasound picture so I can send it to him. He is really a good guy, I know. Because while we were dating he never mistreated me and made me really happy. I know if I didn't get pregnant we would most likely still be dating because he told my friend kevin (who is also his friend and told him this before I broke the news) that he likes me a lot but was scared to get into a relationship because of what happend in the past with his ex. and told another guy who told me not to tell him he told him this but that our relationship wasn't just about s_x, that it ment something and that he respects me. all this being said before I broke the news. I am keeping faith and I know he will come around..I am just giving him time.



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