17 Single Pregnant And Some Major Problems With Babys Dad

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LilMommaCassidy - October 17

So im 17, and im in my 4th week of being pregnant. My babys daddy is the deffinition of a low life, he's 19 and on probation for life. By the time my baby is born, he will owe $1,090,000 to the government for arson charges. By the time my child is 18, he will owe $3,160,000 to the government. When he turns 21, basically everything he owns will be taken away from him that's in his name. He cant get a credit card, he cant get any loan not for college a car or even a house. He cant work for the government, the state and most private companies. He has nothing to offer my kid financially. Dont get me wrong, i love this boy to death. He made some bad desicions and they really took a toll on his life, but "bad boys" deserve love too. And thats why ive been sticking by his side for the past year, it's not like he's getting in trouble now. He's staying out of it. But because of all this, he REFUSES to be a father. He tried talking me into getting an abortion, but i wont do it. His words "i would love nothing more then to have a family of my own, especially with you... but i have nothing to offer and i dont want to bring a child into this world unless i can give it everything it needs" i tried telling him, i can take care of it financially because i can. All i want is for him to be there mentally and physically for my child, and love our child and give it all that he can offer. Ill take care of the rest.... but he still wont have it. He broke up with me cause he said he cant handle this. Im doing this alone and i can handle it, he should be able to as well.... right?


Grandpa Viv - October 27

I think you have to take him at his word. He is not you, and there are surely factors in his background that are different. You seem to have the care taking disposition, attracted to needy people. Do you have a family member who is not well and who has brought this out in you? Stop and a___lyze your emotions. Get counseling if necessary. Some women make a string of bad decisions early in life before they figure out what is screwing it up! Best of luck!


NewMommaCa__sidy - October 29

I am not attracted to needy people, i stay away from them. I have sick family members yes, but i dont take care of them. Im 17, thats not my job, im still being taken care of by my mother and father. My babys daddy isn't needy either, he's very independent. Thanks though.


Grandpa Viv - October 30

Ca__sidy, good luck with your career in nursing. The world needs more people with your kind-hearted disposition.


pregnant_single - November 1

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