18Wks He Threatens To Take The Baby

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Scared - August 1

My ex of two years and I broke up and I decided I was going to have a little fun. Fun turned into getting pregnant. I'm now 18wks pregnant with a guy I had known for about 2months. He initially wanted me to have an abortion and I just couldn't do it. He calls me weekly and tells me that if I try to take his hard earned money he'll take the baby from me. ( He is very wealthy, owning several of his own business ) I know he has the means to get the best lawyers and I'm so scared of what he'll do. Is it possible for him to take our baby without any good reasoning other than he doesn't want to pay child support?


preggo mommy - August 1

I highly doubt money can buy the decision of a judge.When the baby is born just dont let him know you are in labor or even had the baby.When your in the hospital, you fill out the facts for the birth certificate.DONT put anyone for the father on it.If they ask, you dont know who the father is.This will make it difficult for him to establish costody of the baby because he will have no rights until a paternity test has proven its his baby.Hes stupid if he thinks taking a baby to raise on his own is cheaper then paying child support.Anne is right, hell be begging you to take the baby after a few nights of making bottles and staying up all night lol.


Kelly - August 1

I don't want to alarm you, but in small towns money does buy things. I have seen it in my small town. Do you live in Tx.? If you can tape record any conversations you have with him. As well if you can afford it hire a detective and get the scoop on him. Best of luck, but be gaurded in the things you say to him, if any. If he knows what you say, he is doing the same things to you. Lots of Luck.


ASA - August 7

Nope. I agree with Kelly . Get down and dirty with him.


angela - August 9

No, unless you have the child living in an unsafe environment, or you may be harmful to your child in any way he can't take the baby from you no matter how much money he has. I'm a 21 year old student pregnant by a doctor and over my dead body will he get to take the child. He may be able to take the child for resonable visitation though.


Hello - August 10

You never know. Money can buy a get out of jail free card. Money can likely buy a child. Rich people can almost get away with everything. Lawyers can get dirty. Such as looking into your and your family's pa__s history. I wouldn't put him on the birth certificate. Stay away from him. Sound like he don't want to be a father. Sound like you have no way of fighting him. You may want to raise your baby on your own. Good Luck


~S~ - August 11

No he can't just "TAKE" the baby from you, even if he tried to bring you to court over a custody battle, he'll have to prove to the judge that he has legitamate reasons to have the baby in his custody, meaning he'll have to prove that you're an unfit mom (which I doubt you are) that you're home is unsafe for raising a child...etc. If he tries to say that you're not finacially secure to raise a child, he won't get very far on this, because my dad tried to pull that on my mom. He had no other reason to take my brother away other than saying that my mom wasn't totally financially secure. The judge simply gave my mom a month to find a better paying job and gave my dad visiting rights. But to help yourself, don't list him as the father on the Birth Certificate, unless you think that you and him are able to reconcile things, because if you are able to fix things with him and agree on certain things, there can be benefits of having him on the certificate. BUT dont' do it, if he's being an a__s and continues to threaten you.


Careful - August 11

Even if it doesn't seem that "money" can buy a "judges decision" - my dad got full custody of me and my brother when I was just 11 DESPITE his violent behavior towards my mom <~~ He was never there to really raise us but as SOON as she tried to divorce him (without asking for too much money) ALL of a sudden he DECIDED he WANTED US and with the right amount of money HE GOT US- then moved us away from my mom and barely let us see her. Be careful get a good lawyer and just be on guard.


ash - August 21

no way. he helped in making this child, now he will have to continue helping in supporting this child for 18 years. He has no chance.


sam - August 23

It could. There was just a really high profile case in NY, where the man got the kid. I saw it on the Dr. Phil show, he is trying to help her get the child back. She's a model and he's a millionaire. You should consult a lawyer.



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