19 Alone And Depressed

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heather - January 4

im 19 and im 25 weeks pregnant, the father is not involved because we werent together or in love and we didnt even know each other longer than 3 in a half weeks when i found out i was prego. i didnt like him and was really upset. we lost touch cuz i moved to another city to live with my mom.. i have been soo alone and lonely every day , i get depressed and wish i had someone, i ve been dating kinda or there is this one guy who was willing to be part of things, and ive known him for a while, but ive been really emotional and i think i scared him off cuz hes overwhelmed and its not even his baby... i really feel like i need to have a man around to hug me and comfort me and be part of my and my childs life. but he hasent been answering my calls or calling me back.... i cry when im alone all day, and i dont want to lose him and be alone and lost. what do i do???? how do i keep myself from being alone??


redeem - January 4

you're never alone. all of us here are pulling for you and we're here to listen to you and help you work things out. If you leave your e-mail address or Instant messenger name, I'd be happy to talk with you.


Danielle - January 23

Hi, I'm 19 and pregnant too. I haven't told my family yet. I have no one too as the father of my child has another family and I can't be involved. If you want to talk, I'm always online [email protected]


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

You have to realize now that your choice to keep this baby means you need to protect him/her. I know its hard being a single mother with no guy there. But you can't get to stressed out and depressed because you still have to take care of your child even while its still in your stomach. Getting stressed out stresses your baby out. If you need someone to talk to Im online a lot. I have a 2 and a half month old little girl named Kylie. You can email me at [email protected] or add me to MSN.


Ivette - February 11

Sometimes is good to be alone. Look I know that you fell sad and depressed. I know because I was depressed for 3 years. If you dont have a man it's because you havent found the right one for you.Tell me do you want to be happy and loved by someone that really loves you or someone that it's not sure about his fellings. There is things that you could do to make you fell bette. You have to think that you have someone comeing and he or she needs your love. The right man will come to you when your ready. So when he comes be happy then all the days you spent alone will be in the pa__s. Try to make your self happy and have hope. Your not the only one.



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