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sheila1472 - February 25

I will be 21 next week, i am 9weeks pregnant, i was with my bf for a lil over a year. when we 1st found out i was pregant my bf was so happy he even cried. I was the one who was unsure of what i wanted. I am 20 i still wanna do so much with my life. so i told him i was considering an abortion. he got mad. but we still stood together. then he started bugging me asking me all the time what was i going to do and if i did this or that then he would never forgive me. i was getting tired of hearing from him to not have one and from friends and family telling me i should. how am i suppose to choose between the person i love and loves me and my family? i couldnt take any if it anymore... so i left..i packed my bags and changed my number and left. I had time to think about what i wanted to do... during that time i went to my 1st doc appt. and i seen my baby. and i knew right then and there that i couldnt give up my baby. i then had to think about what would happen to me and everything. so 1 week later i called my ex bf blocked. he was out drinking at a bar... i told him that he needed to choose... either be there for me and the baby and give up going out...or lose me and my baby... he said he loved me and would do anything for me...we agreed to meet up the next day... i went to his house and called him blocked still... and he didnt answer so i rang the door bell and his cousin answered the door and said he wasnt home...i went to his room and he wasnt there i called him again and he turned off his cell phone. i left i called him later on that day and he finally answered... he said he spent the night at one of his friends house... i asked him why... cuz when i was talkin to him the night before he was already on his way home so why go home and tell me all this stuff then go to your friends house at 4 in the morning? he couldnt say anything execpt that we are not together and he doesnt have to explain anything to me... i said change your number so i wont be tempted to call you and u still dont have my new number... im done... so he did and we havent spoke for 3 days now... am i doing the right thing? any advise? whats wrong? why did things change? should i consider the abortion again?


DownbutnotOUT - February 25

Wow sounds like your in a real tough situation. It sounds like he's doing what alot of guys are when you mention a baby, he's freaking out! It sounds like in the beginning he was so happy he cried and that makes me think he wants to be with you and your baby. When it comes to abortion I go both ways like if your raped abortion is ok but if you accidently got pregnant it's wrong to use it as a form of birthcontrol. Maybe you might consider adoption, someone in your family might be wanting a baby??? Any decision you make, I know your an adult, you should maybe talk over with your mom or someone you trust so whatever decision you make they can be there for support. i wish you the best of luck and wish I could be more insightful.


maren - February 28

Personaly you both need to grow up. you were mad because he was giving you ultimadums(sp) when you did it to him he doesnt have to give up going out but he has to do it in moderation you BOTH over reacted you just found out your pregnant its all still new!! start acting like an adult your going to be a mom(0r not depending om what you chose) sorry to be mean but you need to get a little kick in the b___t back to reality too



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