25 Weeks Pregnant And On My Own

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Shells - December 13

im 25 wks pregnant and my partner recently split up with me. He said he didnt want to end up in a relationship just because of the baby. Fair enough but he pretended he loved me and that everything would be ok and he said he was so happy just a month before. Now even though he doesnt want to be with me hes there all the time. And im getting more and more confused. I cry myself to sleep every night and its not getting any better. Ive tried telling him to leave me alone but hes not accepting it. What should i do?


Gina - December 15

Shells, what do you mean he is there all the time ? as a friend or still as a lover ?. I myself am 7 months pregnant and alone I have to say it was very difficult in the begining when I realized that my boyfriend did not want to be with me anymore however it has got easier and I have to say today I am feeling great, you can do this without a man some days are hard but it will get easier and you will get stronger. Just think of your baby. Peace and love


r - December 15

He could also have mixed emotions himself about the preganncy and becoming a father, so maybe that's why he won't leave you alone. If he is sending you mixed signals you need to have a heart to heart talk with him and tell him that the way he is acting is tearing you apart and you want to enjoy this pregnancy (it's only fair). He also needs to go and think about this whole thing, do some sould searching about what he wants. Tell him if he can not be supportive then he needs to go and not look back. And if he wants to be around for this baby, then he has to give it his all. I'm not sure if you wnat him to be around as a friend or if you wnat all or nothing...but I think having him around as a friend to you and a father to your child is better than you trying to do this all on your own.


kindall - January 10

make sure you put out a child support order after the birth. A lot of men tend to act intrested during the prenancy and he may be. However protect yourself and your child. That baby is number one right now. Men come a dime a dozen.


Shan - January 17

Except a child support order gives him access to the child as well, so you have to evaluate the pros and cons of having him around before you make any decisions.


Shan - January 17

I'm also 25 weeks pregnant and on my own. I went through a lot of pain when I found out that the father of my child was not interested in continuing our relationship, and was ambivalent about the idea of becoming a father. Eventually I came to the conclusion that if he wasn't going to treat me 100% with respect, then I didn't *want* him to be around my child. I'm not sure if you live in a city or a town or what... but you could ask your doctor if there are resources for single mothers-to-be (i.e. support groups). Also, if you are in a situation where you feel you cannot afford to leave your shared home with him for any variety of reasons, again, tell your doctor and he or she should be able to help you! Don't stay in a situation that puts you in even more emotional turmoil than you need to be.


LL - February 9

Focus on your beautiful baby growing inside you. Don't let the outside stresses affect your child. It will be what it will be. Protect and love yourself and your child the best way you know how.


Julia - March 2

Whether you still have strong feelings for the father of your baby , the most important person here is YOU and your baby. There is so much help out there and obviously the father of your baby is not one of them. Don't hurt yourself and your baby, please.


brandi - March 15

take care of your baby on your own and ask your family to help. tell him that u will call the police if he doesn't leave u alone. he doesn't want a baby then he can't have u . call the police and tell them everything that happened and everything that is happening.



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