26 With 2 Kids 7 An15 Monthes Pregnant Again And Father Left

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daisy - August 22

I am 26 i have my own place and am a nurse. I also am the mom of a 7 y/o and 15 month old baby. Recently my youngest baby dad walked out on us. Soon after i found out i am pregnant. Now 7 weeks. I want this baby but am scared. The ex BF says i must have an abortion or else. I am afraid if i dont have an abortion he will hurt me or my unborn baby. I am scared and dont know what to do. He made me have an abortion back in febuary and it istill is my biggest regret. There is no way i can do that again. I love my children please help.


- August 23

u dont need him, if u think hes going to hurt u, get a restaining order put on him, u dont need to have a adbrtion, it sound like u have ur head on straight, there are plenty of single mothers out there. good luck


nicole - August 23

have you thought about adoption? abortion is like killing your child but with adoption you are giving your child a life and giving someone else the oppurtunity to have a child! e-mail me if you need someone to talk to! [email protected]


Same boat - August 24

I am in the similar situation as to you. My advice is to get a restraining order. You are going to be fine, there are many lonely nights, but as long as u have 1 good friend you'll get threw those lonely nights. You'll be ok with another baby. God wouldn't put us through something we couldn't handle. I like to think of it as we are blessed with kids an that's is what we was made to do. What would we be doing if we didn't have them. I know I'd be lost without mine. Look at it as this baby might make my life better, without the baby I didn't know what I was missing!! there are support groups as you know an things you can do to keep your mind busy from the father. Get ready to have something that will make your home brighter!!!


kBarnes - August 27

you can email me and maybe I can help or atleast let you vent. Sometimes two heads are better than one.


daisy - August 28

thanks for your advice i'm just very depressed, and its really making all these decisions harder. I was so much in love with this guy and his complete abandonment of us is just so hard to deal with wondering what to do about my pregnancy is the last thing i want to be worried about. He just keeps telling me its my problem now he wants nothing to do with us. I'm so confused and sad all i do when i'm alone is cry. I'm now almost 10 weeks and wonder if my whole pregnancy will be this lonely.


to daisy - August 29

do u have family for close friends that u can lean on. if not theres always this sight. good luck


feel ur pain - August 29

Daisy, oh I am so sorry for your situation. I also have a similar situation. Except mine does not involve violence. Please e mail me so we can talk or try to help each other @ [email protected]


omg - August 29

Nicole that was SO tacky, please see past your SELFISH wants to the fact that the lady said she loves her children! Daisy, being a nurse, I am sure you have an idea of the people you need to contact if you think this guy is serious. I wish you the very best!


amber - August 29

i am 5 months pregnant with 2 children and single as well. Yes it is very lonely at times but just remember that a life is a miracle. He can leave but he can't make you miserable unless you let him. keep you head high and you will be just fine.



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