33 Weeks Single Amp Scared To Death Now He Wants To Marry Me

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christine - July 28

Well I wrote last week about how I am pregnant and single due to the fact that my boyfriend left again and went back to his ex. Well he called me last weekend and hasnt stopped trying to get me back. And he says he wants to work it out so we can be a family but after all the cheating and lying and head trips he has played on me I thought he was full of shit. Anyway today he called me at work and said that we should get married.....this weekend coming up. And it made me feel good because i do still love him and thats what i always wanted, before he did all of the damage. And now that he wants to make it work the right way, is it really too late? I mean would I be making a big mistake? Could there ever be trust? What should I do? Any advice and if you want to read the whole story please look up my previous post "33 weeks, single and scared to death" to give you more to give a good answer. would appreciate any advice....thank you! love ya....


Marsaili - July 29

I am currently going through a divorce (while pregnant) and my advice to you would be to wait to get married. It is so difficult & if your not sure that is a very bad sign. It sounds like he's not sure either. There is no harm in waiting - getting married will not keep you two together. Work things out before getting married. Just advice from someone who has been there.


!!! - July 29

I argree with Marsaili, try and get things back on track before you jump into marriage. If its going to last then the wait wont matter. It sounds to me like you both really need to think about what you want out of life and your relationship. You should never get married if you cant trust each other. Good luck, i hope it all works out for you


Tiffany - July 29

It sounds like you have a very insecure boyfriend. I doubt that he will be there with you on a constant basis through the long haul. However, you need him right now, so let him give to you. You can always ditch him when you and your baby are in a more stable place if he starts his c___p again.


Tiffany - July 29

I meant to add: no need to get married right now. Just let him take care of you if that's what he wants to do.


Angelina - July 31

I dont think you should get married until you know you trust him.Its bad enough thats he ran back to an ex.Itll be even worse if you have something keeping you from just leaving if he decides to run back to her.Maybe he is trying to figure out what he wants and if hes serious about getting married then he will wait.If hesjust trying to make sure he always has someone to run back to if he ends up alone then hell try to force you to marry right away.Good luck and i hope everything works out for the best with you and him.


amber - August 1

once a cheater and a liar, always a cheater and liar.i was in your same situation and did not marry him.boy am i glad now.i am now married to the most wonderful man alive who loves me and my child as much as i do.don't let the feeling of loneliness over shadow what this man has already done to you and will do again, but next time he will be hurting your child also. good luck with your new baby! you CAN do it alone!


jess - August 1

why not try to move in together for a while? call it a trial basis. You will probably need the help once the baby comes, and he can get a taste of reality. If it doesn't work out, you can always leave. but at least you'll know for sure without all the legal stuff.


Anne - August 1

NEVER NEVER NEVER get married because of a pregnancy. Wait until the baby is like 8 or 9 months old and see how you feel. A lot will change once you have the baby.


WAIT!!! - August 6

DONT GET MARRIED!!! You don't need to be married to be together and have a family. It sounds to me like this guy dosen't know what he wants and a peice of paper wont change his mind or stop him from leaving again or cheating on you. You would be making a HUGE mistake. Divorce is a horrable thing to go through. Marriage is NOT to be taken lightly. Just the fact that you had to ask says that even YOU are not ready. Just wait. Maybe try to work things out if you want to. It's gonna take time to heal and time to gain trust in him again. Marrage wont solve it.



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