35 Weeks And Alone

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kgirl20653 - June 14

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. I found out in early Dec. that I was pregnant. Then things started gradually going down hill from there. He started going out every weekend, partying, and then it progressed to it being every night, and lately he hasn't even come home from work, half the time. For the past few months, I've had this feeling that he's been cheating on me, and last night my worst fears were confirmed. Although he claims he only did it once, he still doesn't come home until late, he doesn't kiss me or hug me or even tells me he loves me anymore. I think he's still messing with this other girl, but he keeps coming home. We don't sleep in the same bed anymore. I can't legally kick him out b/c he's on my lease. I just don't know what to do. I want him out of my life, and I just can't seem to get him to leave.


mischelly30 - June 15

Sounds like this guy is in no way ready to be a father. He is probably having a negative reaction/in denial about the whole pregnancy. I wonder if his att_tude would change after you have the baby? Do you want to work things out with him, if you could? Or, do you want to kick him out? If so, then there are ways to get him off your lease. Do you think he'd leave willingly if you asked? If not, if you live in a large complex, talk to your property manager about switching your lease to another apartment in the complex, with only your name on it. They would probably be willing to do that for nothing (although then you'd have to move). Does he help pay the rent? If not, then you have grounds to take him to court and have him evicted from your lease. Pain in the b___t, but it would get the job done.


kgirl20653 - June 16

I kinda want to work things out with him, but at the same time, there's the fear that things aren't going to change once I have this baby. I do want him out, but we lease from a private owner, and I recieve housing a__sistance, he's the only one with steady income right now, so he pays a portion of the rent, and all the bills (not on time but they do get paid). I've already tried to ask him to leave, but he says he doesn't have to b/c of the fact that he's on the lease and he pays the bills. Almost like a "I'm the king of the castle" att_tude. I got a protection order against him b/c he pushed me a few months ago, and the police department never served him his papers. So I'm totally confused.


mischelly30 - June 17

If he wasn't served with his papers, then you don't have a protection order, right? The paperwork was just filed? Here in CA, you can request a move-out order right along with the protection order. If you want to get him out of the house, you could try that route....a__suming that you could afford to support yourself without his help. If money would be tight on your own, then I'd first look into getting additional a__sistance, then file the protection order again, packaged with a move-out order. If you're serious about wanting him out, then that's what I would do...please don't put up with behavior you are not comfortable with for financial reasons!



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