4 Are Women Having His Baby HELP

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I am 20 yrs old. he is 21. We were together for 8 yrs. July '05' we split up and got back together Sept. '05'. 2 months later I was informed that he had some female pregnant. He denied it.. (till this day he still does). I didnt let this get between us and continued our relationship. Nov '05' i was surprised by a positive pregnancy test, i had to speak to that other female that was pregnant. It took me three months to build up the srength 2 hear the truth about this other female. I spoke 2 her and found out she was 5 months. I informed her that i was 3 and it was left @ that. Time went by... my husbands dad passed away and th ings just kept going dwn hill from there on. He would leave and not get home till 4am or even late afternoon the next day. One day i decided that i would stay out late too. i spent that day thinking about what i was going to do, when i made up my mind i went home, it was 3 am or so. I walked in and started packing, he woke up and just started beating on me. I still left. Its been 4 months I am now 7 months pregnant and the other female is scheduled June 1st. He calls to see how his baby is doing and my self, but he acts as if nothing. It doesnt end there. On mothers day i found out 2 more females were pregnant by him. I was so sad, i called him and asked him and sure enough 1 is 3 months and the other he said he wasnt sure about. i have not really spoke to him since then. He calls me and text messages me but he gets no response. I am so sad... should i give him the honor of naming my baby boy after him? I just dont know any more somebody please talk to me.


AMS82 - May 23

Honey, I feel for you..keep your head up and be as strong as you possibly can for you and your unborn baby boy. My advice for you is that if you don't believe he will step up to the plate and take care of this baby financially,emotionally, & physically, I would NOT give this baby his name. Sounds like to me he may not be a very responsible guy if he has 4 women pregnant at the same time. maybe he needs to think w/ his other head and get a reality check. hope your situation gets better. he's not worth it for real, your young and have your whole life ahead, someone will come along and love you and your son..! Cheer up!


Emma2 - May 23

I say "NO WAY"..DO NOT give him the honor of having this child named after him. He beat you, cheated on you and i am sure if you were together it wouldn't end there. Please for the sake of the child ...move on without him......He is no good in every sense and clearly has no pride and respect for himself why would he give it to you?


LL - May 23

Toosweet, is this your husband or boyfriend? I feel really bad for you because this man has done you wrong. I agree with the other ladies about not naming your son after him. Why give him any privileges as far as YOUR son is concerned. I know he's the father but you should consider this your child as you are the one taking on all the responsibility. It's ashamed that he's done this to 4 different women, but focus on you and your baby and making your life better. The situation is what it is and he can't change anything now, but you can change the situation for yourself because you deserve better than him. Your still very young and have a lot of time to get your life on track the way you want it to be. Good luck to you.


New Here - May 25

Wow, what is this guy thinking?! Not only is totally irresponsible but sounds like a major jerk. I realize you have spent nearly half your life with this guy, but he definitely does not sound worthy of having your baby named after him. I wouldn't even consider it after the way he treated you. I give you credit for packing up and leaving him and ignoring his calls and texts. You are strong and need to remain strong for yourself and your baby. Pick a name for your baby that means something to you or that you just simply like. You'll be better off!


dsmom - July 21

Wow,me and my husband split too cause abuse and we got back together and i found out he had some one else preg, that baby is due two monthes before mine,, DO NOT NAME THAT BABY after him not even his last name, im not, they dont deserve it,,,my husband was abusive to, and i left him athousand times, it only got worse, so if you are ever thinking about going back ,,,,,,,,please dont, even if it was an isolated time, it will happen agian,,,,,he is messed up and if hes anything like my husband he wont ever get help and wont ever change, it hurts so bad that someone else is having his baby , I know, especially before me.....if you want to talk more or here more, my email is [email protected]


pinkbo0tlace - July 21

NO!!!!!!!!! DO NOT NAME THAT BABY AFTER HIM!! I know it's soo hard because you probably love him but dear, don't. just for your sake. also - let him be because he obviously is going to have a lot of stuff to deal with in the next severeal months :) Hope I helped! If you need anything else let me know. Also, please answer my "omg help" post. thanks dear Pinkbo0tlace


Lorena1980 - July 26

Yeah... I'm in a similar situation, this cheating liar has 3 kids: a two and one year old with Ms.X, a 3 month old with Ms.Y, and I'm (Ms.Z) 5 1/2 months pregnant with his baby. He has done nothing for any of them. Guys like these are just sperm donors, they don't deserve the father t_tle... specially don't deserve any "honors". FORGET HIM. I left the jerk. All they want is a piece of a**, and then they act all confused and pathetic!


ChannY - July 28

I agree with what these women have said to you..know what he is to me? definately a sperm donor freak. if i were you, i wouldnt even talk/contact him nor name your baby after him. not after what he've done. just take your baby and move to another states or something and have nothing to do with him. take care and leave alone the stress


ACesPlaceToo - August 20

Do not name that baby after him. How in the world is he going to pay child support for 4 children??? And trust me, when he goes to court and the court finds out he has 4 children in such a short time by 4 different women, the court is going to have a fit! He is going to have to pay for all of them. Don't name the baby after this guy.


nikkilynn - September 5

If I were you I would not name my baby after some pig like that... and it is very good that you dont talk to him anymore.


BABYFAT21 - April 2

Hi ladies if you are reading this I was unable to log in with my original username TOOSWEET so I had to create a new account I will be logged on as BABYFAT21 so do look out for a post as I will keep you up to date with what happened with this "story of my life" xoxo


futurelianna1 - April 2

I think that just because you are going through a lot of things with him, and they are not good situations you are going throught by any means, I think you should name the baby whatever name you feel best with. If you want to give him your mans name go ahead honey. I am pregnant with a man that I have been with for only 6 months and come to find out he has 3 kids, and if its a boy I am stil going to give him the Jr. name. And I don't get along with him at all. I would stay away from him until the baby is born and then decide from there. When it comes down to it, it is all your choice no one else.


josie4 - April 3

So, these are just the women who've happened to get pregant after having s_x with him. I wonder how many others he sleeps with. I'm not really sure what you should do. I do know that you don't have to name the baby after him... I wish you and your child the best.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 4

I don't know what you are going through, but I feel sorry for both you and the baby. I couldn't even imagine finding that out with the first female let alone 4...I don't think you should name the baby after him. Truthfully if it was me I wouldn't want him near my son at all. He would teach him things (just by being around that kids learn) and I wouldn't want my son growing up turning out like him. But thats me. He now has the responsibility of 3 other girls and it just makes me wonder as well how many women were there altogether and if he tells these other girls that he don't think you are the father of his baby. I couldn't do that and I wouldn't want my son to be around that. But you should talk with these girls because even though the circ_mstances are baby your son already has 3 brothers/sisters and he deserves to know who they are.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 4

circ_mstance are bad not baby lol sorry


violet928 - April 13

I am so sorry. You have strength and courage to have removed yourself from the situation. I am happy for you on that note. However I personally say NO to naming the baby after him, would you really want your son to have the same name of a person who you have recieved so much hurt from? Pick a name you feel is best and take satisfaction in denying the father the pleasure of having his name pa__sed on. A man so disrespectful, cruel, and violent has no right to have his name remembered. If were are all lucky men like him will all become sterile and not be able to have children. What is wrong with men now days? Thay are all so careless and cold and they have no interest in being part of a family. Our society is screwed up and I am not sure how it happend. Take care



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