5 Weeks Pregnant Father DOES NOT Want It At All

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adriana1975 - May 10

I am in a weird situation and would like some input if possible. Some basics about me - I am 34 years old, have a decent job, single, have one boy who is 14 years old. I was really lonely for a very long time and wanted companionship and love and I would have just given up anything for it! Anyway, I met this guy, he is 43 years and single/no kids/never married. Well we were seeing each other and I got pregnant. I am now 5 weeks along and he does not want the baby at all. It does hurt my feelings and makes me feel pretty worthless. I want the baby, he does not. I can't take care of baby. I have raised my some by myself and managed to get though school to get a Bachelors degree. I just wanted love so bad in my life and I ended up pregnant from someone who doesn't want it. Plus we work in the same building. He has a good job and so do I...I am just confused.anyway, not sure if I make any sense right now. Can anyone give me some input??? On a positive note, I am strong and have been though a lot..it's just I don't want to do this alone AGAIN.


Grandpa Viv - May 10

Don't put yourself down! You are the normal person in this scenario. A 43 year old guy who has avoided matrimony is not a good marriage prospect - he has some personal issues that never got resolved. If you have a good enough job, you can pay someone to help with the baby, and your son will be there too. It's a pity there is not time for your guy to get some counseling. Before you make a decision, talk to him about getting his genes into the next generation. That's the only reason for our existence, if you want to look at it that way. GL!


Skyeblue - May 11

my god grandpa viv!!! i cant believe you would say a man of 43 is not a good father and has issues simply because of his age! IAM SURE YOU WOULD NEVER TELL A 43 YEAR OLD WOMAN `SHE HAS ISSUES AND NOT GOOD MARRAIGE MATERIAL AND HAS PERSONAL ISSUES, if she got pregnant!!! seriously whats up with that....? tell me please. i though you were kinder than that. anyway, adriana, you need to make the decision if you want to be a single mom of 2. you can hold any expectations from a person who dont have expecatations themselves. good luck and take care! by the way, if you have a good job and stability i am sure you can manage another child.


scarednlonely - May 11

Adriana you need to do what is best for you and the baby. I'm 25 and about to have my second child on my own and I don't have stability. But I know that this child of mine deserves a life. Have you considered that maybe after this baby you not be able to have anymore children. This couldbe your last child and thatis something you need to think about. Your son will be there to help you and you will have a great little family this will also be good for your son to learn the responsibility of what it's like to be a single parent so he will be more wise in what he does in his future. See this baby as a gift a blessing as it could be your last chance of being a mum. And as fir the guy forget him he doesn't deserve to be in the babies life. My babies father wants to be in my unborns life and I said no he walked away from his family so he can go and don't look back. I know that I can do it and so can you. Good luck please let us know what you decide so if you do chose to terminate we can be more of support to you. Just remember any decision you make is not a wrong decision as it only affects yours and your babies life. Don't let people judge you on your decision. And one last thing I had an abortion when I was young so I know how it feels if you want to know how you feel about it later on in life and I will let you know. Take care


terripatt - May 14

I am in the same situation my daughter is 14 my son is 9.. they will be 15 and 10 when this baby is born. And the sad thing is its the same dad.. have been with him on and off for 18 years now! I am 32!!! Anyhow he totally does NOT want this baby and has even stopped talking to me because I decided to keep it and not have an abortion for him. He is being very unsupportive and it really does make it so hard and its beyond a very hurtful thing to do to someone. It is the hardest thing to go through but keep your head up.. I am dealing with it day by day some days are good some days are bad.. Im still hoping i made the right decision in keeping the baby. Im sure once your baby is here you wouldnt have it any other way...


pregnant_single - August 13

If you are single and pregnant, you don't have to be! Check out my profile for Facebook page information on finding a man that will love and adore you during and after your pregnancy, or search 'pregnant and single' in Facebook. I have even established a Yahoo group called 'PREGNANTNSINGLENLA' to put single pregnant women together with men who possess a strong s_xual fetish for pregnant woman. So, if you're still pregnant and single, that is purely your choice as you don't have to be.



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